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Keeping Your Hair Healthy Through All Seasons: A Guide

The changing seasons can cause havoc with your hair if you are not careful, causing hair to become limp, dry, or frizzy. To make sure that you can keep your hair looking glossy throughout every single month of the year, read on for some simple tips that you can put into action on a day-to-day basis. 

Cut Down on Washing

Although you might think that the key to gorgeous hair is to wash it every day, this is not the case. By over-washing your hair, you will be stripping it of the natural nutrients within it, leading to your hair becoming dry and even greasier, the two hair conditions that most people are trying to avoid when washing their hair frequently. Instead, you should wash your hair every two to three days. If you are worried about its appearance, use dry shampoo to take off the worst of the grease. 

Remove Heat 

During the spring and summer months, heat can cause a huge problem for your hair as this can dry it out and lead to split ends, as well as weakening your hair permanently and bleaching its color. Then, you should avoid remaining out in the sun for a long time or look for heat protection products that can shield and moisturize your hair. You should also be careful in dry conditions during the winter, such as using central heating and blow-dry your hair, as both of these conditions can make your hair frizzy and burnt. If you are looking for more tips for healthy hair, you should check out Hairstory’s video to rejuvenate your problem tresses. 

Check Your Products

Before you take action against the hair problems that you are experiencing, you should check the products that you are using. Some chemicals in hair products can be extremely bad for you, leading to cancer and other illnesses while also leading to potential long-term damage to your hair. Then, you should always check the labels before you buy, conduct research into the chemicals in your products, and try to buy natural alternatives. 

Get a Hair Cut

Although you might try to avoid going to the hairdresser regularly, getting a professional haircut is important for the health of your hair as this can help to take away split ends and any unhealthy patches, as well as promote hair growth. As well as styling your hair and making it look great, they will also be able to give you care advice in terms of your hair type and style. 

Look After Your Hair During the Day

However, your hair can also be greatly affected by the activities that you carry out throughout the day. For instance, if you plan on swimming in the summer, you should protect your hair from chlorine by using a hair cap. You should also be careful when you sleep, particularly in warm weather, with some people with curly hair using satin or silk pillows to keep their style in place during the night. You must also use the right type of grips when you tie your hair up, avoiding ties like elastic bands, which could damage your hair.

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