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Keith Mann’s case gets a new detective

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) — The nearly 26-year-old case of Keith Mann, who mysteriously disappeared in Wichita Falls at the age of 20, is receiving new attention.

His family receives assistance from a detective who went to school with Keith. The Manns welcome the extra set of eyes on the case. Keith’s father Gregg said he wants to know where his son is and what happened to him.

“His friends saw him walking up the stairs. They didn’t get to see him enter the apartment.”

It has been nearly 26 years since Keith has been seen. The cold case is still open, which means public information is limited.

“We’ve been trying to get the reports but it’s still an open case, we don’t see everything they have. But some of it was read to us, what we were told by someone in the beginning and then all of a sudden it changed through the police report.

“Sure, you know everything he finds out. She is already receiving some messages and tips have already arrived. She will pass them on to the new cold case detective.”

Debra said with Detective Benzick on the case, there is new hope.

“Maybe people will just be more open to sharing what they know, maybe for some reason they didn’t want to come forward to the Wichita Falls Police Department and keep things under wraps. Maybe they’ll reveal something that will really help us.

The Manns said Benzick will take a deeper dive into the night of Keith’s disappearance.

“Something happened to him. Someone needs to talk, that’s what they need to do. I hope it happens, I feel we will find it sooner or later.

The Manns have created a Facebook page called The Missing Mann Project, where they share Keith’s life and get advice on what could have happened to their son.

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