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Learn how to grow your own vegetables at Smith’s Gardentown

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — When it comes to taking up a new hobby, the most frequently asked question is how to get started.

“You are what you eat” is a common phrase we hear, and how much more could you be sure of what you’re getting than prepping your own tomatoes, onions, peppers, and more.

“I love the garden because I like the idea of ​​fresh vegetables that only I have grown, and I know what’s really on them, and it’s organic and fresh, but it’s hard to grow in Texas specifically and just generally . So I wanted to get advice so I could be successful,” said Ginger Garbacz.

Smith’s Gardentown vice president Michael Fiore said the course covers the fundamentals of how to get started in gardening and what to look for in beginners who are just starting out.

“It’s really geared towards the homeowner who doesn’t have a huge space to grow. So how do you maximize their small areas and be able to have a lot of production in your garden here in this climate, because our North Texas climate can be quite a challenge when it comes to growing plants,” Fiore said.

Like Garbacz, Fiore said people’s interest in growing their own vegetables has skyrocketed.

“People want to make it at home because they want to make sure their product is free from chemicals or any kind of bad input that can go into it. There is a greater influence on local products and not having products that are shipped, from Asia or South America from wherever they come from, so people are pushing more towards the farmers market and growing their own,” said Fiore .

Garbacz said that with this first session alone, she’s learned the first steps needed to create a healthy environment for plants to grow and is excited about the outcome of her garden.

“Instead of getting frustrated and failing, this taught me what kind of soil I needed and how to enrich it, on nitrol for control or bugs and pests, and it taught me what plants grow and when, and for how long and how early you need to plant them. And so, I just know it’s going to make me more successful. I’m just thankful that Smith has it. I’ve been a shopper here for years, but I’ve never gone to a class, and this is really going to enhance my experience,” Garbacz said.

Make sure you are what you eat, properly and healthily.

On March 4, Smith’s will hold a course dedicated to growing the most popular vegetable in our area: tomatoes.

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