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LeSean McCoy once again has the worst opinion in the room, this time on Eric Bieniemy

LeSean McCoy is trading positive footage for opinion, and this time he’s dragging along newly hired commanders coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

Chiefs fans won’t like LeSean McCoy after this… You know that one friend you have who will argue with you about anything, only to feel like he won a verbal spat? That’s McCoy as a reporter.

McCoy is notorious for being in the spotlight the wrong way… He got the Bears nation on its bad side for sharing his opinion on Justin Fields. He was scorned for an unemployment-related catch by Colin Kaepernick. Also, he once tipped 20 cents on a $60 bill. This is not Europe, Shady.

Now, he’s back in the spotlight for casting a very nasty version of Eric Bieniemy, who was recently hired as the Commanders’ assistant coach and offensive coordinator after helping lead the Chiefs to a lot of success over the past few years.

LeSean McCoy boldly questions Eric Bieniemy’s worth

“What is its value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator? McCoy asked in a TV commercial.

Shady went on to talk about other coordinators and coaches he worked with in Buffalo (Brian Daboll) and Philadelphia (Andy Reid, Doug Pederson) and he suggested with those guys, he can say they are good coordinators, but he doesn’t get the same feeling based about his experience while working with Bieniemy.

“I have been in the rooms where he is training. And he has nothing to do with the pass game, right? When comedies are designed, that’s Andy Reid. When you talk about offensive coordinators, I can tell you what makes Brian Daboll with the Giants a great coordinator. I can tell you with Andy Reid or Doug Pederson. But when I [get] asked about Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good?

McCoy played for Kansas City for a single season over three years ago.

His take hinged mostly on the fact that Reid has more of a voice in the room than Bieniemy, saying, “When we watch the workout movie and correct… [Bieniemy] he doesn’t talk in there, Andy Reid talks in there.

While McCoy wished Bieniemy success in Washington, he said he’s skeptical only because of how much more responsibility he’ll take on.

“He has no real responsibility. Now go to the Chiefs where you can hide behind Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid. Now go to Washington [Commanders] where do you have to call shows, do you have to arrange meetings? Need to screw up installations?

The idea that Bieniemy has been hiding behind Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the brilliance of the Chiefs’ offense and personnel is something that has been said by more than just McCoy. But this is by far the loudest anyone has said.

McCoy’s whole point is that he hasn’t observed Bieniemy doing the things other offensive-minded coaches and coordinators typically do. It’s an unfair scale to judge him on simply because he hasn’t been given the opportunity to do those things yet. He’s also misinformed considering McCoy didn’t play with him for long. Bieniemy was also only in his second season as offensive coordinator when he and Shady crossed paths.

Bieniemy was traded for head coaching jobs year after year despite head coach Andy Reid giving him public recommendations. Reid has worked closely with Bieniemy and longer than McCoy, so his word carries a little more weight.

Bieniemy finally has the chance in Washington to show what he can do.

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