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Local branch of the International Rescue Committee helping Ukrainians in Wichita with the transition process

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Some Ukrainians have found a new home and a new life in Wichita in the past year since Russia invaded the Eastern European nation last February. The Wichita branch of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) reports that about 25 newly arrived Ukrainians are receiving the group’s services. This includes helping with housing, enrolling children in school and finding work. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 160 Ukrainians have arrived in Kansas, the local IRC reported.

Friday February 24 marks one year since the bombing, shooting and destruction began since the full-scale invasion of Russia.

“These 365 days have been like one day only because every single day we see the news and calls from family, relatives, friends,” said Galyna Golyshevska, director of community engagement at IRC Kansas.

Golyshevska has called Wichita her second home for the past three years, but her sister, a professor in Kiev, and her mother are still in Ukraine and determined to stay. Through her role on the International Rescue Committee, she has helped other Ukrainians seek a new life in the United States

“We are fortunate to have our own Wichita community. I was amazed. I mean, I used to believe in people, but right now I just don’t believe them. I have proof that people are extraordinary.

The IRC works to support refugees from around the world through the immigration process and to settle once they arrive in their new communities in the United States

“(Their) whole life was tested overall because of the situation [in Ukraine]. So what we’ve tried to do is just (make sure) that they have what they need.

While Golyshevska works to support the IRC mission in Wichita, she is also sending support to Ukraine. After last year’s pain, there is hope as Ukrainians are already rebuilding.

“Ukrainians, we know the end of this story. There is no way for Russia to win,” Golyshevska said.

You can learn more about the International Rescue Committee and contribute to its causes here: https://www.rescue.org/united-states/wichita-ks.

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