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Mass. State Police Announce Sobriety Checkpoint for 2/17/18

It’s a new week and you know what that means, Berkshire County. It’s time for the MSP to warn the public about another sobriety checkpoint scheduled for next weekend. Oh, did you think they were over? Oh no.

In their ongoing effort to further educate motorists and reinforce the need to detect and remove those drivers operating under the influence of our roads and highways, the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) has announced a sobriety checkpoint for next Friday evening, 17 February, until Saturday 18 February.

The sobriety checkpoint is scheduled for Hampden County (Blandford, Chicopee, Holyoke, Springfield, Westfield, etc.) Friday through Saturday. For now, this is the only one planned, but that could change.

According to a massive State Police media alert, this checkpoint:

…will operate at varying times, the selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary, safety will be ensured and any disruption to motorists will be minimized with advance notice to reduce fear and anxiety.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is a serious offense and I know I’ve mentioned it numerous times, but when I was younger and far more reckless, I had two car accidents here in Berkshire which should have left me in a worse shape than i ended up finding myself.

I could have ended up dead both times and thanked my lucky stars that no other vehicles or pedestrians were involved. Needless to say, I changed my ways after that, but some never had that opportunity, sadly.

The MSP is providing advance warning of the roadblock to hopefully reduce the fear and anxiety of the inconvenience for motorists. In addition, the Massachusetts State Police wants to emphasize to motorists that safety will certainly be ensured.

Please folks take this from someone who knows, be careful out there. For more information, visit the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page here.

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