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Missouri Rep. Mark Alford thanks Joseph Ossai after the KCs win against the Bungles

Many Cincinnati Bengals fans have heard enough of politicians badmouthing the NFL teams their constituents’ team plays on.

But Congressman Mark Alford, representing Missouri’s 4th District, has asked Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval — or “Mayor Jabroni,” as he calls him — to essentially keep his beer.

Alford attempted to pile up after the Kansas City Chiefs ended Travis Kelce’s nationally televised Pureval slam by kicking Bengals linebacker Joseph Ossai as he tried to rebound from a heartbreaking penalty with seconds left in the AFC Championship, among other insults directed at Cincinnati and its fans.

And despite several calls in the fourth quarter, including pass interference by Mike Hilton, Joe Burrow’s late hit by Frank Clark that went uncalled, the catch that went uncalled on the Mahomes scramble in the closing seconds, the block in the back that was ‘didn’t call Skyy Moore’s punt return, intentional ground call and, of course, “the do-over” – which didn’t go the Bengals way, Alford insisted that the umpires were against the Chiefs for the entire game.

Video of Alford’s general address to the US House, via Alford’s Twitter account:

“Mr. President, I stand today to honor my Kansas City bosses for their AFC championship and their berth in Super Bowl 57,” Alford said. “Like many Missourians, I couldn’t be more proud of the effort put in yesterday, last night. Despite the injury of Patrick Mahomes, injuries to several key players, an incredible amount of outside noise, and the umpires against them for whole game, the Chiefs got rid of the Bungles – I mean, the Bengals – and sent them off the season. Well, I hope Eli Apple has a good time in Cancun. Also, I hope Mayor Jabroni and the rest of the fanbase of Cincinnati learned a valuable lesson from last night – it’s called the Arrowhead. It’s the loudest and toughest place to play in the NFL with the strongest fan base. Special thanks to Patrick Mahomes, Harrison Butker, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones and, of course, Joseph Ossai, for all their wonderful efforts last night. We couldn’t have done it without you. And to the Philadelphia Eagles – see you in Arizona. Go Chiefs! Mr. Speaker, I surrender.”

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