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“More exciting than it’s ever been;” Chiefs Territory Lifelong Bengals Fan Representative Team – WHIO TV 7 & WHIO Radio

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS – In an Overland Park, Kansas neighborhood, black and orange would be hard to find until you get to Ty Anderson’s home.

“I’ll keep it that way after we win the Superbowl for another week,” Anderson said.

Throughout January, the Bengal flag flew in front of his house. For a lifelong fan like him, the team’s success meant a lot.

“Probably more exciting than it’s ever been,” he said.

>> ‘They are big fans, I love them;’ Bengals fans gather in Kansas City before Sunday’s playoff game

Anderson grew up in Washington Court House an hour southeast of Dayton and is also a Wright State Alum.

His job allowed him to move across the country and he settled in Kansas in 2016.

“I’m sorry to say I almost lost interest when we moved here to Kansas City because I could adopt a winning team at the time and forget about the troubles I’d been through for decades with the Bengals,” he said. he said she.

But the Bengals’ recent success has reinvigorated him.

“What Burrow did at LSU and what he’s doing now for the Bengals, I mean you can’t help but be a fan,” Anderson said.

>>PHOTO: Bengals fans gather in Kansas City before Sunday’s playoff game

He stays with the Bengals, even though he’s hundreds of miles away and living in a broken home.

“I have my wife who has become a complete Kansas City fan and I have two sons, one of them is a die-hard Bengals fan,” Anderson said.

He will watch the game with his wife on Sunday and is confident that the Bengals will beat the Chiefs.

“I think the Bengals defense is probably the best defense we’ve had. I think that coupled with their offense makes them multidimensional. I certainly believe that the Bengalis will prevail,” she said.

Tune in to see the Bengals take on the Chiefs on WHIO-TV starting at 6:30pm

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