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Naperville and Aurora are among the safest cities in the nation

Two areas in Illinois ranked high on SmartAsset’s list of America’s safest cities: Naperville and Aurora.

It can be difficult for homebuyers to determine the safest places, so SmartAsset looked at five key metrics: violent crime, property crime, vehicular death rate, drug poisoning death rate, and overuse rate. Based on these stats, Naperville finished at No. 14 and Aurora at No. 24.

Notably, Naperville reported the lowest property crime rate in the entire study, just 320 crimes per 100,000 residents, and the second lowest violent crime rate in the study: 61 crimes per 100,000 residents.

Meanwhile, Aurora had the third-lowest property crime rate in the study at 802 crimes per 100,000 residents.

The complete list of the 25 safest cities includes:

1. Frisco, Texas2. McKinney, Texas3. McAllen, Texas4. Santa Clarita, CA5. Plano, Texas6. Alexandria, VA7. Laredo, Texas8. Glendale, CA9. Sunnyvale, CA10. Yonkers, NY11. Arlington, VA12. El Paso, Texas13. Irvine, CA14. Naperville, IL15. Torrance, CA16. Olate, KA17. Palmdale, CA18. Dears, NC19. Fremont, CA20. Jersey City, NJ21. Land Park, KA22. Huntington Beach, Calif. 23. Aurora, IL24. San Jose, CA25. Chesapeake, Va

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