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NCAA Weekly Winter Recap


NCAA Women’s Basketball Standings 2022-2023

NCAA general

WLWL team

Minneapolis 10 3 0.769 4 1 0.800

Ellsworth 7 4 0.636 3 1 0.750

SE of Saline 9 2 0.818 2 1 0.667

Sacred Heart 4 7 0.364 2 2 0.500

Beloit 3 10 0.231 1 3 0.250

Republic City 0 12 0.000 0 4 0.000

Monday 16 January 2023

Minneapolis 54, Macksville 40, St. John tournament

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Ellsworth 44, Otis-Bison 13, Hoisington Tournament

Hillsboro 46, Republic County 15, Hillsboro Tournament

SE of Saline 58, Sterling 21, Sterling Tournament

Thursday 19 January 2023

Beloit 54, Ulysses 34

Sunrise 42, Minneapolis 34

Hugoton 50, SE of Saline 38

Friday 20 January 2022

Colby 36, Beloit 29

Clay Center 47, Republic County 34

Hoisington 25, Ellsworth 23

SE of Saline 47, Lyon 31

Saturday 21 January 2023

Hays 56, Beloit 23

Riley County 57, Republic County 27

Pratt vs. Ellsworth – PPD to Monday – 3rd place

Sunday 22 January 2023

St. John’s 54, Minneapolis 43

NCAA boys basketball standings 2022-2023

NCAA general

WLWL team

SE of Saline 10 1 0.909 3 0 1.000

Ellsworth 8 3 0.727 3 1 0.750

Beloit 9 4 0.692 3 1 0.750

Sacred Heart 7 4 0.636 2 2 0.500

Cty Republic 3 9 0.250 1 3 0.250

Minneapolis 1 11 0.083 0 5 0.000

Monday 16 January 2023

Macksville 47, Minneapolis 34, St. John tournament

SE of Saline 63, Smoky Valley 38, Sterling Tournament

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Ellsworth 57, Cimarron 35, Hoisington tournament

Hesston 72, Republic County 25, Hillsboro Tournament

Thursday 19 January 2023

Beloit 67, Pine Creek (Col.) 45

SE of Salt Flats 54, Scott City 51

Minneapolis 50, St. John 29

Friday 20 January 2022

Beloit 48, Colby 46

Riley County 36, Republic County 33

Hoisington 47, Ellsworth 39

Hugoton 55, SE of Saline 47

Saturday 21 January 2023

Olathe North 53, Beloit 34

Republic County 52, Eureka 27

Hoisington-Pratt vs. Ellsworth, 3rd place – PPD

Minneapolis vs. Nickerson, 5th place – CANCELED


Kansas Preparedness Weekly

Last week was the week of the Kansas State Mid-Season Basketball Tournament, and each of the six NCAA schools competed in tournament play last week as each team experienced its ups and downs.

On the wrestling mat, the Beloit Invitational also took center stage.

Here’s a look at what each of the six NCAA schools’ respective teams did in action this past week:


The Beloit basketball teams traveled to Colby last week to participate in the Colby Orange & Black tournaments. The Lady Trojans finished in 4th place after falling 56-23 to Hays in Saturday’s consolation championship game. The Troy Boys, meanwhile, finished in 2nd place after falling 53-34 to Olathe North in the championship game. The Trojan Wrestlers, meanwhile, hosted their annual Beloit Invitational, where they finished in 11th place with 79 points.


Ellsworth’s basketball teams competed in tournaments in Hoisington where the Bearcat boys won 1 of their 2 games and qualified for the consolation championship game against Pratt, but those games were postponed due to inclement weather. The Lady Bearcats, meanwhile, had the exact same result as their consolation game against Pratt was also postponed due to inclement weather. … The Bearcat wrestlers met NCAA rival Southeast Saline on Thursday night in a doubles and the Bearcats were able to snap a 54-24 victory.


Minneapolis teams competed in the St. John tournament where the Lady Lions finished in 4th place after falling 54-43 to tournament hosts St. John in the consolation finals, in a game that was postponed to Sunday due to inclement weather. The Lion boys, meanwhile, went 1-1 in their first two matches of the tournament, earning a place against Nickerson for 5th in the final round, but that match was canceled due to inclement weather. … The Lion wrestlers competed in the Beloit Invitational this past weekend where they finished in 12th place with 71 points.


Republic County teams competed in the Hillsboro Tournament where the Buff Boys finished in 7th place after losing their first two games, but defeated Eureka 52-27 in their final game to finish 1-2 in the tournament. The Lady Buffs, meanwhile, failed to win any of their three matches in the tournament and finished in 8th place. … The Republic County wrestling teams traveled north of the border this past weekend to Thayer, Nebraska where the Buff boys finished in 13th place with 3 points and the Lady Buffs finished in 4th place in the women’s tournament with 9 points. The Buff Boys also competed in the Beloit Invitational, where they finished in 4th place with 106 points.


Sacred Heart High School athletics went on hiatus last week as neither the boys’ nor girls’ teams competed in any mid-season tournaments.


Southeast Saline’s basketball teams traveled to Sterling to participate in the tournament where the Lady Trojans finished in 3rd place after scoring in a 47-31 victory over Lyon in the consolation championship game. The Trojans, meanwhile, also went 2-1 up in the tournament, but their only loss didn’t come until 55-47 to Hugoton in the championship game. … The Trojan wrestlers opened their week Thursday night when they competed against Ellsworth in an NCAA double, but the Trojans came out on the short side of the double, falling 54-24. The Trojans returned to action Saturday at the Council Grove tournament where they finished in 3rd place with 152 points.

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