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New buses track where your kids are in Geary County

TOPEKA (KSNT)- It’s a new year for the Geary County School District.

Starting this year, $475 schools are now using buses that can track your child’s whereabouts at all times, so you can know they’re safe.

Geary County Schools Superintendent Reginald Eggleston joined the 27 News Morning Show to speak about the new partnership the district has facilitated with First Student, Inc.

“It will actually be available to both students and parents,” Eggleston said. “We will educate them and give them the resources so they know the location of the bus all the time.”

Everything from when the bus stops, to when it might be a little late one morning, the new bus-powered app will help parents have more peace of mind as their kids get to and from school.

Besides tracking the movements of the buses, the bus drivers are also equipped with a tablet which gives them enhanced navigation, allowing them to always take the best possible route.

In addition to the new buses, USD-475 is also experimenting with a different school calendar.

“The Board of Education will meet tomorrow night and they will make a selection,” Eggleston said. “We have established some criteria for the 2023-24 school year calendar.”

The first criterion he described was that the district wanted six weeks of uninterrupted learning each term. Plus one day of professional development and five days of events each quarter. For example, these types of days are used when the weather is inclement in the area.

In addition to talking about these new additions to the district, Eggleston was keen to highlight the latest rankings the district has seen. Of all 281 Kansas schools, USD-475 is currently ranked 46 on that list.

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