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New details in Cari Allen murder investigation revealed in court

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Neal Klein took the stand and shared details of the agency’s investigation into the disappearance-turned-homicide of Omaha woman Cari Allen Monday morning in the Douglas County Courthouse .

He was in a pretrial hearing for Aldrick Scott, who is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Cari Allen and two other charges. The judge ruled that there was enough evidence to send the case to the Douglas County District Court, where the remainder of the case will be heard. He is held without bond.

Deputy Klein said Scott had called Allen, his ex-girlfriend, four times in about an hour while on his appointment with a new partner, forcing her to turn off the phone. The appointment was at the Firebirds and The Good Life Bar on the evening of November 19th.

She claims Scott’s car was found at Kansas City International Airport with a gun inside. They said a car that matched Scott’s was seen on camera circling the Good Life Bar while Allen was inside.

Deputy Klein said he believed Scott later parked about two blocks from Allen’s home and, in the house, tackled, shot and killed her.

He said they found patched bullet holes in the house. They believe Scott carried Allen’s body in his car, then moved the body into his car before driving back to Topeka.

While Scott ended up in Belize, he also bought a flight to Fiji with a connecting flight in Los Angeles, Deputy Klein said. He and another investigator flew to Los Angeles hoping to intercept Scott there on the Tuesday after Allen’s disappearance, but Scott did not board that plane, he said.

Instead, Scott flew from Kansas City, to Houston and Cancun, Mexico, on the Monday after Allen’s disappearance, he said, before traveling to Belize.

Over the phone, Scott reportedly told a friend, a former U.S. Army platoon mate, that he killed Allen, Deputy Klein said. That individual called a friend in Texas law enforcement for the statement, he said. While on the phone with law enforcement, Scott called back and law enforcement recorded the call.

They said he did not confess in that call, but Deputy Klein said, “He was asking you to provide a contact in Colombia where he could escape and wanted to stay ahead of an investigation involving him.”

Douglas County detectives had used a variety of tools to track where Scott had been, Klein said. But when they received data from Scott’s OnStar GPS system in his car, it led them to find Allen’s body.

The body was in a shallow grave on an abandoned rural property. He had a bandage over a gunshot wound that could be used to stop blood flow, he said she.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, who questioned Deputy Klein for the prosecution, believes he has a strong argument.

“The[Douglas County]Sheriff’s Office did a good job and put it all together,” he said. “We will be ready to go to trial whenever it comes.”

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