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New Kansas City Airport Terminal Excites Local Air Travelers | State news

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KCTV) — 10,000 Kansas citizens received a peek at KCI’s new terminal on Saturday. The new $1.5 billion facility replaces the old terminals that opened in 1972, more than 50 years ago.

“It’s worth the money,” said Sherry McDonald, who visited the new terminal on Saturday. “Definitely worth it.”

The new terminal sits on the land where Terminal A used to be. KCI’s marketing director said it was time for the airport to make a change.

“Existing terminals have some problems,” said Justin Meyer of KCI. “There’s not enough toilet capacity in the gate areas, there’s not enough seating in the gate areas, frankly there’s not enough space.”

10,000 Kansas citizens booked a seat in a special open house on Saturday. Initial reviews of the new terminal have been excellent.

“It’s fantastic,” said open house attendee Michael Lampton. “I’m really happy to see them really investing back into the city and bringing us to modern times because the old airport was really showing its age.”

The new terminal will open with 40 gates but has the capacity to grow to 50. KCI hopes the potential will bring more air traffic to Kansas City.

“We have heard from our airlines that they have intentionally reduced connecting routes out of Kansas City,” Meyer said. “While we certainly don’t expect to become a hub, a little bit of intentionality in terms of flight scheduling would really help us grow our airline services portfolio.”

The new terminal will bring a new look to Kansas City. Local air travelers told us they think out-of-towners will be shocked the next time they fly to Kansas City.

“They’ll wonder where I am,” Lampton said. “This will be such a difference between day and night. A breath of fresh air, for sure.

“I think they’re really going to like it because it’s going to be easier for them to navigate around the terminal itself,” said air traveler Don Michalski. “It won’t be as complicated as it was before.”

“Look at it,” McDonald said. “Definitely come see it.”

The new terminal will open on 28 February.

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