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New program in Wichita to help parents with postpartum issues

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) — A new program is available in Wichita for mothers who are struggling with poor sleep, postpartum depression, or difficulty caring for newborns.

“Let Mommy Sleep of Wichita” provides families with the nighttime help of a “night nanny” and provides newborn care to give families peace of mind. 12 News visited two nurses who started the program to see how beneficial it is for parents of newborns.

A 2022 study by Mental Health America shows Kansas ranked last when it comes to mental health care. To help with part of the problem, a mother-daughter duo decided to fight the statistics and start a local business, helping newborns and their parents with prenatal care and issues that arise after babies are born, including postpartum depression. in mothers.

“When you have mental health issues in a family, it’s really hard to deal with, so we want to try and help,” said Wichita Agency Director Sandy Schremmer’s Let Mommy Sleep.

With over 30 years of combined nursing experience, Schremmer and her daughter, Rachael Eaves, have a passion for what they do and want to bring that care to the community.

“You are dedicated to nursing to help people. That’s where your mission lies, to know how much need there is out there and how much moms and families need that support during just those few months. It really tugs at my heart,” Schremmer said.

A night nanny is there to take care of all a baby’s needs so that the parents can sleep through the night.

Eaves, also agency director for Let Mommy Sleep, said nurses can be there to help mothers help newborns fall asleep and with feeding, whether it’s by guiding them through breastfeeding or feeding infants milk. artificial or from a bottle.

This type of professional assistance has helped mothers across the United States, leaving them with better ways to care for themselves and their babies.

“We have rest nights where we can sleep and eat,” said Wichita mother Erin Thomas Walker. “I was experiencing some high blood pressure systems and stuff like that as a mom. We just had to go ahead and do what needed to be done and it worked out well.

If you are looking for newborn care workers or would like to help a family as a night nanny, you can find out more about the “Let Mommy Sleep” program on its website.

“It is a difficult moment, it is a beautiful moment, it is an exciting moment. But if things don’t go well, you need that person to help you,” Schremmer said.

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