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News Views: Celebrating the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win

Super bowl moments

Benjamin Lee & Adrian Horton, The Guardian: “Super Bowl: Rihanna, the ads and everything but football – how it happened”

Brian Steinberg, Variety: “Super Bowl Ad Review: Celebrities flocked to the big game, but creativity didn’t always follow”

Bruce Horovitz, Time: “I’ve been analyzing Super Bowl commercials for two decades. Here’s what they get wrong.

Tiffany Hsu, New York Times: “Why Are You Seeing So Many Bad Digital Ads Now?”

No presidential interviews

Tom Jones, Poynter: ‘The Story Behind President Joe Biden Not Giving a Super Bowl Interview With Fox’

Sally Bronston and Carol E. Lee, NBC: “Inside the Failed Negotiations for Biden’s Super Bowl Interview on Fox”

Rachel Bade, Eugene Daniels & Ryan Lizza, Politico: “Playbook: A Snub from Fox News and a Mutiny from CHC”

Christopher Cadelago, Politico: ‘Biden’s Super Bowl interview looks out of place – forever’

Jeremy Barr, Washington Post: “White House, Fox disagree on Biden interview for Super Bowl”

Journalist arrested at press conference

Chelsea Simeon, WKBN TV: ‘New video shows what led up to journalist’s arrest in eastern Palestine’

Ben Blanchet, HuffPost: “NewsNation Reporter Arrested at Ohio Governor’s Press Conference”

Matthew Keys, The Desk.Net: “NewsNation reporter released from jail after being arrested during briefing”

Associated Press: “Reporter Arrested During Ohio Train Derailment News Event”

Rent the American dream

Brian Eason and John Perry, Atlanta Journal Constitution: “American Dream for Rent: Investors Evict Individual Home Buyers”

Tim Henderson, Stateline: “Investors bought a quarter of homes sold last year, driving up rents”

Erik Bojnansky, South Florida Business Journal: “Investors Buy Billions of Dollars of South Florida Homes”

Sphie Kasakove, New York Times: “Why the road is getting even harder for first-time home buyers”

Finish the story

Lizzie Johnson, Washington Post: “An alleged $500 million Ponzi scheme has preyed on Mormons. It ended with the FBI shooting”

Editorial Board, Las Vegas Review Journal: “EDITORIAL: Thank you, Washington Post, for ending Jeff German’s report”

Jeremy Barr, Washington Post: “An investigative reporter has been killed. And the story of him unfinished?

Amaris Castillo, Poynter: “After Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Jeff German Was Killed, Washington Post Reporter Picks Up His Latest Story”

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