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NFL Draft Could Financially Hurt Union Station, World War I Museum

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The leaders of Union Station and the National World War I Museum and Memorial are now preparing for the 2023 NFL draft on their turf.

“They’re going to shut us down for almost an entire week, which is a huge financial impact for Union Station,” Union Station president George Guastello said in a recent interview with FOX4.

Guastello went on to say that the event will be a great gift to the Kansas City community. He says it will take nearly four weeks to build the south side of the building. Due to closing the week before the event, Guastello says he hopes to recoup that money with the large amount of people who will be on the property.

“So, we hope people become members of Union Station and come and support us. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit,” Guastello continued. “We don’t get any state, federal, or even local money.”

The leaders of the National World War I Museum and Memorial are in the same boat. During the draft, their leaders say they will still be open.

On Friday, a spokeswoman told FOX4 that for $20 during the event, fans can get all-access to the museum, just like they could for the Chiefs’ parade and rally on Wednesday. That day, though, that access cost just $10.

“We definitely hope to make some money,” museum president Matthew Naylor said in an interview with FOX4 on Wednesday. “Like many companies, we’re certainly influenced by what draft entails, but we believe that in the long run this is really good for the city, and it’s certainly wonderful for our mission to showcase the memory of those who served in the Great War. “

On Friday, a spokeswoman for Naylor told us she has received a verbal commitment from the Kansas City Sports Commission that the museum will be made “fully financial” of the losses it will incur in preparation for the draft. On Friday evening, the Sports Commission did not reply.

A spokeswoman for Union Station says their parts of the building such as Science City will be closed to the public starting Monday, April 24.

A Harvey’s manager inside the building says they know they will be closed that day as well, but they may close to the public even sooner. A spokeswoman for Pierpont’s inside the building said they will be closed to the public as of Sunday, April 23.

The project starts on Thursday 27th April and runs until Saturday 29th April.

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