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Off-season revolving door of coaches, franchises looking for leaders, annual minority hiring discussion

As is typical in the NFLthere will be numerous changes to head coaching positions during the offseason.

Franchise teams that have struggled need to look for a superior figure in their locker room.

Seems to be a recurring occurrence every year, the issue of using minorities for hiring opportunities has been brought up again.

This has been a source of controversy for many years.

The NFL appears to be having a hard time determining where they stand and the image they are attempting to create.

In the other half, they are advocating for people to come together and sing the song “Kumbaya”.

The debate topic that has been brought up time and time again on Undisputed, the sports discussion show co-hosted by Skip Bayless and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, has resurfaced over the years.

The program has consistently addressed controversial issues and recent events have added fuel to the fire.

As the Chiefs’ season concluded with the team’s second championship in four years, Eric Bienemy, the Kansas City offensive coordinator, was pitched as a possible head coach.

Over the past two years, he’s been in the same place without making any progress.

This has occurred despite appearing to be the fittest candidate available, regardless of race.

According to Skip Bayless, the reason there are very few black head coaches in the NFL is because white owners are not comfortable with the idea of ​​appointing a black individual as head coach.

They don’t have much in common with them, but they have to make it look good,” Edwards said in a video posted on YouTube.

Critics have expressed their disapproval of the lack of recognition given to the black national anthem at the Super Bowl LVII, arguing that “America has only one national anthem.” John Edwards, an NFL analyst, recently commented on the matter, saying these older white team owners don’t necessarily have an affinity for black coaches, but they do need to maintain the appearance of being welcoming.

The NFL has developed a policy to direct its attention towards hiring head coaches and minority administrators.

Before the season opener in Glendale, Arizona for Super Bowl LVII, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the press with a speech on the state of the league.

He talked about hiring people of color, especially in the coaching field.

Initiatives have been in place for years to attempt to reverse professional football workplace discrimination.

Goodell noted that it was never enough.

In the most recent hiring period, five NFL head coaches were given jobs.

Only one of them was African American.

About 60% of the league’s players are African American, but only three of the teams have black head coaches.

It’s a difficult situation for Goodell and she will likely be with him for a considerable amount of time.

No matter what answer he gives, it seems to rile both groups.

Plus, it’s still a widely debated issue among sports broadcasters like Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe.



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