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Olathe nursing home worker accused of hitting and kicking a 74-year-old woman with dementia

An employee of the Olathe nursing home was arrested earlier this month and charged with hitting and kicking a resident, according to documents filed in the Johnson County District Court.

Shopna Ikenberry, 50, was accused of ill-treating an addicted adult after she allegedly hit a woman with dementia as she tried to dress and wash her.

Prosecutors say the 74-year-old woman was found with bruises on her lower back and possibly her ankle, where a witness said Ikenberry struck her.

Police were called on 19 October to Homestead of Olathe Memory Care in the 700 block of Somerset Terrace. An employee allegedly told officers he saw Ikenberry get into a physical altercation with a resident five days earlier.

According to an employee, the 74-year-old got rough as Ikenberry tried to undress and bathe her. Ikenberry allegedly started yelling at the resident and, in turn, the 74-year-old hit her.

Ikenberry then gave the resident a bath, but it appeared he was harming her, the employee told police.

As the two argued, Ikenberry allegedly told the employee to forcefully grab the resident. The employee refused and said she saw Ikenberry force the 74-year-old down the toilet before kicking his monitor in the ankle.

The employee claimed Ikenberry hit the woman on the back and buttocks.

The resident also suffers from anxiety and is unable to carry on a conversation, according to court documents.

Ikenberry was fired on Oct. 20, according to court documents. He has been addicted since 2019.

Police later interviewed Ikenberry, who denied working that day and accused another employee of injuring the victim. After reviewing the work schedule, investigators determined that Ikenberry was at work at the time the alleged incident occurred.

She was arrested on February 2 and released on $75,000 bond a day later. Ikenberry is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on April 19.

Homestead of Olathe could not be reached immediately for comment.

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