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Omaha’s ‘Andy Reid’ reacts to Super Bowl win, explains life as a superfan

RALSTON, Neb. (KMTV) – If you follow us on social media, you’ll remember last week we introduced you to a Ralston man who is a huge fan of head coach Andy Reid on our Instagram page.

You could say he bears a striking resemblance to the Chiefs icon. And as the team prepares to celebrate Wednesday in Kansas City, 3 News Now reporter Ron Johnson introduced it to us.

Let’s take a look at that resemblance, can you guess which is the real Andy Reid?


That might be hard to tell, and of course, that’s the way Jeff James likes it.

He’s been playing Reid for about a decade now, after tripping over it. Before you ask, of course, he’s on his way to the victory parade on Wednesday.

James has gone all out when it came to copying Andy Reid’s wardrobe, he’s got the hats, the shirts, even the burger menu – if you know, you know.

3 News Now wanted to know if he was planning to run into any other Andy Reid lookalikes.

“Over the years, I’ve come across others who do, and uh, let’s take a quick picture together and shake hands and walk around and see the fans,” James said.

She said the trick has as many perks as one might imagine: She always takes pictures with people and accepts free stuff. She said she’s never paid for beer since she’s playing Reid.

When asked what he thinks of his doppelganger Mr. Reid, here is what James had to say:

“I’ve seen the way Andy was able to really get the team together and with an excellent quarterback he got the offense rolling, even though we’ve gotten rid of some players over the years, like last year, Tyreek Hill he quit – keep the offense rolling,” James said.

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