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Overland Park Farmer’s Market plan to include apartments

Plans are moving forward to rebuild Overland Park Farmers’ Market, which includes building a new apartment complex in downtown Overland Park. Image courtesy of Copaken Brooks.

Plans are moving forward to rebuild Overland Park Farmers’ Market, including building a new apartment complex in downtown Overland Park.

The Overland Park City Council voted 11 to 1 on Monday to approve a deal with Kansas City-based real estate company Copaken Brooks to handle final redevelopment plans for the Farmers Market along Marty Street between West 79th and West 80th. .

Those plans include a previously discussed 100-unit multi-story apartment complex overlooking the farmers market.

What’s in store for the new market and apartment complex?

  • Copaken Brooks is tasked with forming a conceptual plan for the condominium, including the structure’s unit sizes, number of floors, and land configuration.
  • The multi-story complex will be built north of the market pavilion as well as “a limited amount of structured parking,” according to city documents.
  • Copaken Brooks is also tasked with finalizing redesign plans and locking in estimated costs for the market, which include expanding the space to 71,000 square feet, which houses approximately 87 vendor stalls.
  • Kate Gunja, assistant city manager of Overland Park, said the city’s plan is for Copaken Brooks to refine the broad design elements that emerged from the market’s public engagement process.

Most of the city council remains on board with plans for the redesign

  • In recent months, most city leaders have expressed support for the general direction city staff and Copaken Brooks have taken for the redesign plans, specifically that the new market will be a good use of space.
  • At the same time, some council members expressed concern on Monday evening that the project lacked community input, but ultimately felt comfortable enough to move forward with the plans.
  • Council member Jeff Cox cast the lone dissenting vote, citing concerns that the current project plans were too vague and open-ended and that the city should first provide more guidance to Copaken Brooks before approving an official deal.

Final design plans are expected to be finalized by the end of the summer

  • Based on work to date, Copaken Brooks’ design services are expected to take four to five months to complete, Gunja said.
  • The latest plans for the farmers market and apartment complex are expected to come to the council for final approval in late July or early August.
  • Overland Park Farmers’ Market will operate at its current location until 2023, with construction possibly starting as early as 2024.

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