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Panthers’ Gomez finishes second in Topeka

The Panthers compete in Topeka Wrestling

TOPEKA – Great Bend Panther Daizy Gomez (125) finished second at the Topeka Washburn Girls Wrestling Tournament. Washburn’s Addison Broxterman beat Gomez 6-1 in the championship game. Broxterman earned her 119th career pin by edging out 3-time Great Bend State Champion Breanna Ridgeway for her 127th career win.

Other Panthers who placed were Kirra Stevens in fifth place (155); in sixth place Haylee Holinde (235); in sixth place Kaylea McMullen (120); seventh place Karley Stukey (105);

eighth place Danica Cline (145); Natalee Daniels in eighth place (190) and Lea Nokes in 15th place (170)


TEAM TOTALS—1—Washburn Rural 443; 2—Columbus 255.5; 3-Spring Hill 233.5; 4—Olathe North 232.5; 5—Olathe West 214; 6—Gardner 212.5; 7—Topeka Sailor 208; 8—Manhattan 198.5; 9—Burlington 194; 10-Scott Fort 187; 11 — Tonganoxie 186; 12-Great Curve 184.5


105—Karley Stukey, GB, 7th; Reppert, Burlington pinned Stukey, 1:53; Stukey pinned Baez, OWest, 1:47; Thacher, Oskaloosa pinned Stukey, 1:36; 7th — Stukey blocked Reynolds, WR, 1:29

115—Hannah Crathorne, GB; Hit, WR def. Crathorne, 11-8; Dougan, BVSW def. Crathorne, 7-5

120—Kaylea McMullen, GB, 6th; Weber, SWest def. McMullen, 11-1; McMullen def. Vasquez, ONW, 5-3; McMullen blocked Zemencik, Gardner, 1:17; McMullen def. Enriquez, Bonner, 9-5; 5th—Campos, OWest blocked McMullen, 1:00

125—Daizy Gomez, GB, 2nd; Gomez pinned Chacon, Sumner, 1:18; Gomez pinned Butler, SMNW, 1:57; Gomez blocked Stous, Manhattan, 0:25; Gomez blocked Allen, ONorth, 0:51; 1ST — Addison Broxterman, WR def. Gomez, 6-1

140—Jaydon Davis, GB; Diaz, OWest blocked Davis, 1:32; Lennard, Davis pinned east, 1:59

145—Danica Cline, GB, 8th; Johnson, Leavenworth def. Clines, 11-5; Faulkner, Basehor def. Clines, 4-0; Cline pinned Kennett, ONW, 1:08; Cline blocked Arevalo, Ward, 0:34; 7TH — Moran, Cline blocked by Rock Creek, 3:33

155—Kirra Stevens, GB, 5th; King, Oskaloosa pinned Stevens, 3:05; Stevens def. Crutchfield, Burlington, 5-3; Stevens blocked Moeller, RC, 2 a.m.; Stevens def. Grijalva, SW, flat fee; 5th—Stevens def. Roy, Gardner, 4-3170—Lea Nokes, Great Britain, 15th; James, HP def. Nokes, 4-0; Fox, Columbus def. Nokes, 5-0; Nokes def. Sanchez, WR, 10-3; Galligan, ONW def. Nokes, 8-0; 3pm: Nokes nails Grogg, Manhattan, 1:13am

190–Natalee Daniels, GB, 8th; Graham, ON North def. Daniel 5-2; Miller, BVSW pinned Daniels 2:47; Daniels blocked Duncan, Tonganoxie, 1:38; 7th—Haleigh Stokes, Manhattan def. Daniel, 3-2

235—Haylee Holinde, GB, 6th; Holinde def. Renfro, Basehor, 2-1; Ross, WR blocked Holinde, 1:46; 5TH—Addie Cline, OWest def. Hoinde, injury

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