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Plan a Colorful Wedding With These Simple Ideas

Fall is almost halfway over and that means that engagement season is coming soon. Did you know that more people get engaged in the winter months than at any other time of the year? Love is in the air. Christmas and Valentine’s Day provide great opportunities to propose and get engaged. This offers couples months of time to plan a wedding if they want to get married in less than a year. While some wedding professionals suggest muted colors to help the bride stand out, vibrant colors are a great way to make a different statement on your wedding day.

Add Color to Your Wedding Dress

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue might be a traditional theme, but nowadays, you can add as much color as you’d like to your dress. Whether it’s woven patterns over the skirt, a colorful sash around the waist, or you go modern with a full color wedding dress, there are tons of ways to incorporate color in the dress itself. A colorful wedding can be done any time of the year. Whether you add red to go with a fall theme, or bright pinks and yellows for the springtime, you can’t go wrong with color.

In lieu of a veil, you could also consider a floral crown. It’s a fun way to add color especially when you have an outdoor or rustic wedding. You can find flowers with special meaning, ones with colors you love, or flowers from local farmers. A fun idea would be to go to a you-pick flower farm the week of your wedding and create a gorgeous headpiece with your friends.

Incorporate Colorful Lights

White twinkle lights and patio lights are always popular for evening weddings. But you can weave in more color with the lighting. Hang colorful pendant lights. Use some orange glow Edison bulbs, and some colorful lanterns. Lights are a simple way to add color. You could even get some colorful wedding sparklers for your grand exit. While the white color is the most common, you’d be amazed at the colors you can get.

Let Your Wedding Party Be Colorful

There are no rules when it comes to weddings. While muted colors are often popular for the springtime, you can use whatever shade of color you want. If you prefer vibrant splashes of color, have fun. Your wedding party can wear variations of the same color for an ombre effect, or different colors. Just choose something that goes with your wedding theme, and you think looks great on the ladies. There are no rules that say the guys can’t also wear color. Colorful button-up shirts that compliment the colors on the bridesmaids can add a fun and unique effect.

Creative Uses of Color

Have you ever used a smoke bomb? They are becoming more popular for photoshoots and baby parties, but they can also be used in unique ways at weddings. They release a burst of colored smoke that dissipates on its own. Set off a pink smoke bomb and introduce the bridesmaids during the reception. Why not release a blue smoke bomb for the groomsmen? You can use white smoke or another color when the bride and groom come out.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to add splashes of color to the wedding. Instead of using white flowers for the brides, why not adorn her with deep maroon or bright pink and yellow? These arrangements add a fresh and lively feel to a wedding. While white flowers are beautiful and smell amazing, they can often get overlooked by the other wedding details. Bright colors stand out better and add more visual interest to the wedding. Additionally, flowers in centerpieces are another simple way to add impact and beauty to your wedding.

The Final Exit

Brides and grooms love to find fun ways to leave. Look for biodegradable paper if you use colorful confetti, have people stay in single file side-to-side if you use colorful, long wedding sparklers, and if you’re in a field, why not add local flowers to the mix? A new trend is to spread wildflower seeds. If the field is near your new residence, you’ll be able to enjoy those colorful flowers every time you drive by. 


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