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Pros and Cons of Face-to-face Classes

The educational process is an integral part of every young person’s life. People go to colleges or universities to get a springboard for building a career. The fact is that a degree is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain valuable knowledge. Students often prefer face-to-face classes, which is a traditional way to gain educational skills. But do modern people need orthodox educational opportunities, or is it worth looking at alternative ways of getting information? Here are the key pros and cons of face-to-face classes.

The Main Pros

The Lecturer Supplies Study Notes in Class

One of the main and most obvious advantages is receiving information directly. By creating study notes during classes, you can accumulate knowledge for tests and exams. As a rule, you can get about 60% of all key facts and data directly from your professor. That is why it is so important to attend classes and carefully write down every quote from your professor.

You Can Share and Compare Notes With Your Classmates

And here is the second advantage, which is quite obvious even for first-year students. The fact is that the educational process cannot be continuous. Imagine that you are sick and spend 2-3 days at home. Surely you would like to fill in your gaps and gain access to other students’ information. All you need is to ask someone to share their notes with you. You can also compare the data you and your friends have and say goodbye to possible educational gaps. But do not forget that you will have to spend a couple of evenings creating new notes.

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Your Questions Get Answered in Real-Time

Imagine that you are at a lecture and do not fully understand the meaning of some terms or statements. Let’s say you need a more detailed explanation to compare the facts or build some logical chain. In this case, you can always ask a question and ask your professor to dwell on some aspect in more detail. As you understand, such a privilege will help you get off the ground and understand the essence of the lecture better.

Assignments Are Handed in Personally

If you are a freshman, you have no idea what advantage face-to-face classes are. The fact is that many low grades are the result of a misunderstanding. Imagine that your professor sent you an email, which ended up in your spam folder. You probably won’t see your assignment in time, and you’ll have to improvise. But what if all the assignments are handed in personally? In this case, you can avoid misunderstandings or clarify any aspects that seem controversial or unclear to you.

The Main Cons

You Will Have to Carry Your Textbooks to Class Every Day

And here is the first drawback that is quite obvious to any person. Many textbooks are quite heavy, and you will need to take a large shoulder bag to handle your load. Imagine having to carry your textbooks or some educational stuff every day. Surely your back will hurt just thinking about going to college or university.


The current epidemiological situation is still quite complicated. Every student in the classroom next to other people is at risk of contracting the coronavirus. Fortunately, timely vaccinations, masks, and other personal hygiene products can reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, face-to-face classes cannot be called a safe option for people with low immunity.

Face-To-Face Classes Are at Set Times

Have you ever bought online courses or attended webinars? If the answer is yes, you probably know that some online events have a flexible schedule. For example, you can choose any provided time intervals to receive knowledge when convenient for you to be online. In the case of attending an educational institution, you cannot manage your time as you wish. Usually, you will have to put up with a fixed schedule.

Lecturer Cannot Answer Every Student’s Questions

On the one hand, you can always ask your professor if you don’t fully understand a new topic. But do not forget that the time for each answer is limited. Your professor will not be able to answer dozens of questions in a short time. Moreover, if what you want to know is not very important in the context of certain classes or a new topic, then you may not hear a clear answer at all. Unfortunately, these are precisely the nuances you have to put up with.


Now you know about all the important aspects of face-to-face classes and will make the right decision concerning the most effective educational process. Study in detail all the aspects described above and you will surely be able to decide on your educational prospects.


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