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Prosecutors Receiving Complaints About Wichita Prosthesis Study After FF12 Investigation

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) — The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office is responding after a FactFinder 12 investigation into affordable dentures and implants in Wichita.

The district attorney’s office said it has received several complaints but needs formal complaints from consumers to open an investigation into the practice.

FactFinder 12 did several stories on those who have never received their dentures or it was not refunded by the company when promised. Some people who have called or emailed FactFinder 12 have been dealing with issues for several years.

The district attorney’s office said it has received complaints, but has advised consumers that for an investigation by the district attorney, they are required to fill out a formal form.

“Four consumers have contacted us, but have not lodged formal complaints, so we have not taken immediate action. In order for us to get involved and start a proper investigation, we ask consumers to fill out a consumer complaint form that sets out what happened, talk about the transaction, where it happened, what they lost and what they want back,” said Jason Roach, Assistant District Attorney in charge of the Consumer Protection Division.

Click here fill out a formal complaint form to the district attorney’s office. You can fill out the form, download it and email it to [email protected] to file a formal complaint.

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