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Proven Ways To Unwind Quickly

Do you ever get home from a long day at work and just find it impossible to unwind? Even though you’re exhausted, it seems like you just can’t let your muscles and body relax enough to get over the stress of the day. Sure, some of you may have a masseuse on speed dial, but what if they’re busy? And, the reality is that it is not financially feasible for most people. So, what are some proven ways to unwind quickly that don’t involve drinking an entire bottle of wine all on your own?

CBD Oils Benefits 

Not only does CBD help with chronic pain and inflammation, but it also helps you to relax – emotionally, physically, and mentally. In fact, CBD’s benefits are so fast, and it’s no wonder the market has exploded the way it has over the last decade – and that’s with marijuana being legal in most states. The great thing about CBD is that it’s not psychoactive, so you will relax and unwind almost immediately without feeling “high.” You can also consume CBD in whatever way you’re comfortable since there are so many products available. Whether you go the route of a gummy, candies and other edibles, tinctured oil, or even CBD coffee, you’ll unwind in no time. 

Just A Little TLC

Show yourself a little bit of tender, loving care at the end of long and hard days. Just the act of showing your body and mind some love and appreciation for all they get you through and do for you is relaxing in itself. Whether you want to take a nice hot bath filled with Epsom salts (the magnesium will relax you) and apply a tea tree mask afterward, or you’d rather binge-watch Netflix since you don’t typically have time, show yourself the love you’re seeking. When you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, being tender with yourself is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. 

Aromatherapy Actually Works

Sure, we’ve all got that friend from high school on Facebook who’s got some mid-level marketing thing with essential oils going on. But, essential oils, when employed through aromatherapy, can have an immediate impact on your mood. Not only is this scientifically proven, but there’s also a reason they’re constantly being diffused in the spa when you go in for a massage or treatment. Scents like lavender and ylang-ylang are very relaxing. Geranium and Eucalyptus are fantastic for unwinding too. It’s worth it to invest in a quality oil diffuser for your home to set a relaxing mood on those days that you’re struggling to unwind. 

One word of caution with essential oils – if you are a cat owner, you can’t utilize this method. Cats, unfortunately, cannot metabolize essential oils the way we can, or even dogs, so vets strongly advise against diffusing essential oils in a home where cats live. If you own birds or smaller animals (not small dogs), you may want to call your vet and confirm it’s okay. If it’s just humans in the house, though – go crazy with the oils! They work.

Online Therapy 

We’ve all been at points in our lives where we just wanted to talk to someone objective to our situation about the things stressing us out. Sometimes, it’s hard to get that analytical and helpful perspective from people that know us on a personal level. The thing is, your therapist will want the best for you the same way your friends and family do. So, investing in therapy is always going to yield a high return. The great thing about online therapy is you can do it from the comfort of your own home after a long, hard day. 

Talking through the things that happen in our professional and private life can give us great perspective and immediately lift that weight off of our chest, which directly helps you unwind. You may initially start out doing therapy once a week, and as you get a tool kit of ways to cope with stress built, you’ll graduate bi-weekly and eventually once a month. If you feel a stigma attached to therapy, it is 2021 and time to let that go! Everyone can benefit from treatment, even therapists!

Relaxing can be hard to do sometimes; we all know this. If you struggle with unwinding and relaxing and achieving a sense of calm promptly, hopefully, you’ll start implementing those mentioned above to find some peace and relief in your life, and you deserve it. Here’s to your health!

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