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Quality first: Omaha’s University of Nebraska programs are receiving national recognition


The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s (UNO) online programs are still well known across the country, according to the most recent rankings from US News & World Report.

The publication’s most recent rankings of online programs, which came out today, show how hard the UN is working to build on a strong base of online academic programs to help students balance school, work, family, and other responsibilities. UNO knows that online learning helps modern students a lot because it lets them virtually finish their classes, manage their time, and plan other things in their lives. The online college programs at UNO were ranked number 42 in the country by US News & World Report.

In the category for undergraduate programs, the university came in first, ahead of schools like Wichita State, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Syracuse University, Portland State University, and Kansas State University. The UN also has the 23rd best online programs for veterans in the country. This is a similar list that looks at how cheap and easy it is for veterans to get to online programs.

Online education is one way we can make sure all of our students can get a world-class education and build their careers.

“Our world-class, flexible online learning options let UNO meet our students wherever they are. This gives them the chance to shape their social and economic views long after they graduate.” There are also online programs that people all over the country know about.

For the seventh year in a row, US News & World Report has put the UN’s online criminal justice degree programs in the top 10 in the country. For the second year in a row, the online business degrees from the UN were ranked. They moved up eight spots in the country and are now number 32. Five of the UN’s six colleges have 13 programs that are only available online. There are programs in emergency management, political science, information systems, and more.

The US News & World Report rankings are based on data from four areas: engagement, services and technologies, faculty credentials and training, and expert opinion. On the US News & World Report website, you can find out more about how the UN ranks are made.

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