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Rally House, Made Mobb in Kansas City Releasing New Super Bowl Winning Gear

KANSAS CITY, MO — For Chiefs Kingdom looking for Super Bowl-winning gear, Rally House and small businesses like Made Mobb have you covered.

“It was a race to the finish to try and get everything live,” said Vu Radley, co-owner of Made Mobb.

Once the clock hit zero during Super Bowl LVII, Made Mobb wasn’t alone around.

“You know, it’s kind of like we’re training for this moment,” Radley said.

Getting right to work, Radley and his partners at Made Mobb were pitching new projects to celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win.

“This — we really focused on the three rings,” Radley said. “And so just having three Super Bowls in KC is awesome.”

Radley said his team dressed up ideas and projects, setting up for a big win to make sure they can support a team and a community that supports them.

“It makes winning even better when you’re in business and you know a small business is going to win,” Radley said.

Bigger stores like Rally House say if you want to dress like a champ, they’ve got you covered.

“We will be getting the shipment every single day,” said Aaron Lewis, manager of Rally House.

Rally House on The Plaza opened a new shipment of Super Bowl gear on Monday.

“Between 300 and 400 T-shirts arrived,” he said.

Rally House says they will be open and customers are willing to come in and take what they can.

Made Mobb says you can visit their website to find out how to get a new Super Bowl shirt.

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