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Reading the News – Mon 20th Feb

Culture and heritage:

  • Dr Gabor Thomas (Archaeology) is quoted by the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror (in press), The Times (in press), Mogaz News, Express Informer, Historia and Public News Time on recent findings that an Anglo-Saxon monastery was more resistant to Viking attacks than previously thought.
  • Professor Steve Mithen (Archaeology) was interviewed by BBC 2’s Digging For Britain (repeated) about the University’s archaeological dig on the east coast of the Isle of Islay.
  • Professor Helen Parish (History) was interviewed by BBC Radio Berkshire about the history of Mardi Gras.

#PlanetPartner: Working with global partners to protect the environment

  • PhD student Mark Prosser (Meteorology) was interviewed by Boston 25 News about the link between climate change and flight turbulence.
  • Dr Stephen Burt (Meteorology) is quoted by Greatest Hits Radio, Planet Radio (online) and Wokingham Today, and interviewed by BBC Radio Berkshire, on possible upcoming hose bans this summer due to dry weather in December and January.
  • Food Service Footprint reports on a publicly funded university research project encouraging British consumers to switch to bread containing fava beans due to their positive effect on diet and the environment.

Food and agriculture:

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Professor Mike Lockwood (Meteorology) is quoted by Deccan Herald, Kompas, Khaleej Times, Punch, Dap News, Arab News, Head Topics, Opinion Nigeria, Terra Daily, The Standard, Space War, Bangladesh Post and Times of News on fake conspiracies on the causes of the earthquake that recently struck Turkey and Syria.

Bird flu: Professor Ian Jones (Biological Sciences) is quoted by Daily Mail, What’s New 2 Day, Express Digest, Express Informer, Business Mayor, Health Medicine Network, Germanic, Pedfire and Public News Time on avian flu contamination and how to deal with suspicious birds infected.

Business and Society:

  • Business Live and Head Topics mention Henley Business School’s research on the benefits of the four-day workweek.
  • Head Topics cites the university’s findings that employee productivity levels increase when meeting times decrease.
  • Tech Market Review states that the university is a customer of NTT Data.

#UniPerRead: our role as a civic university

  • Sheldon Allen’s (RUSU chairman) interview with BBC Radio Berkshire about the University’s affordable breakfast initiative called Warm Welcome has aired again.

Other coverage:

  • Dr Dina Rezk (Story) was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 and shared a story she wrote about her experience of grief and loss.
  • Dr. Erhan Aslan (Literature & Languages) is quoted by News Week, MSN, Public News Time, Merced Sun-Star, Wichita Eagle, Idaho Statesman, The Sun News and others on tips for solving Wordle puzzles.
  • Research by Dr Daphne Halikiopoulou (Politics) on the rise of right-wing populism in Europe is reported by Tribune Magazine.
  • A BBC Radio Berkshire speaker mentions a bus service that used to transport university staff and students to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.
  • Wokingham Today reports local protest against the development of University-owned land into housing.


  • Suffolk Magazine (in press) interviews Reading Alumna, Anna Fielding-O’Farrell about her career as an operations manager at an arts centre.

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