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Reasons Why Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol is Popular

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the many chemicals that make up the Cannabis plant. Like THC, it is psychoactive, which means that it produces a high. This high has been described as euphoric, mild, and enjoyable. Concentrations of delta-8 THC are usually derived from industrial hemp plants because it is not found in significant quantities in the Cannabis plant. Even so, this cannabinoid has myriad health benefits associated with its use.

If you are interested in experimenting with delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, then you have come to the right place. Here are a few reasons why it is so popular:

Health Benefits

Delta-8, like all cannabinoids, has myriad health benefits associated with its use. Many users report that delta-8 is a more effective analgesic than full-spectrum CBD, which has been compared in efficacy to codeine, a powerful pharmaceutical drug that converts to morphine in one’s liver. While research is still being undertaken into delta-8’s health advantages, it’s fair to say at this point that there are many, and you will definitely benefit from this chemical’s use. Many users also report that their health problems have gotten significantly better when they combine delta-8 usage with CBD oil.

Euphoric High

Delta-8 produces a much more relaxed, euphoric high than delta-9 THC does. According to the Cannabis experts from this website, delta-8 is indeed more euphoric, and much milder than delta-9 THC. This allows people to enjoy getting high, without worrying about losing control or exceeding one’s limits. Unfortunately, delta-9 THC can be very unpredictable and for beginner users, a bit too much sometimes, especially if the THC is derived from a particularly potent strain of Cannabis. Delta-8 is milder, more euphoric, and produces a more manageable, enjoyable high. If you’re looking for a change from the traditional overwhelmingly intense Cannabis high, then delta-8 is worth some consideration.


In addition to producing a euphoric high and having health benefits, delta-8 is also very affordable. This is because it is produced from industrial hemp plants, which are cheaper to produce and maintain than Cannabis plants. Most retailers also regularly hold sales, which allows people who’re on a budget the opportunity to still pick up delta-8, even if at its ordinary retail price it is out of their budget. The affordability of delta-8 is in part what attracted so many users to it when it was first offered for sale. You will also likely find a voucher code on most retail websites. 

Easy to Find

Delta-8 is not hard to find at all, again owing to being a derivative of industrial hemp plants. It can be found in countries from around the world. One needs only to type ‘delta-8’ in on any of the major search engines to find a retailer near to them that sells it. Many retailers also ship delta-8 internationally, which isn’t a problem due to its legality, which we will address later. If you cannot get Cannabis in your country, or it isn’t legalized for use, you may want to consider exploring delta-8 and seeing if you can get that imported into your country.


Because delta-8 is derived from industrial hemp and not Cannabis Sativa or Indica plants, in theory, it should be possible to have it imported into most countries that outlaw Cannabis’ use. With that said, some do explicitly ban its importation, so make sure to do your research before you purchase it online, so that you don’t get into trouble. Countries like the United Kingdom have explicitly banned the importation, cultivation, and use of delta-8. Others have not. Most online retailers will detail which countries they ship to on their website’s Q&A page.

If you are caught importing delta-8 into a country where it is not legalized, you could potentially get into a lot of trouble. This could result in you being arrested, fined, and even imprisoned. Do not take any chances with your freedom.


Delta-8 produces a high that is much more manageable, as already explained. Because the high is more manageable and milder than THC, it allows users to remain clear headed when they are using it. This means that users are still able to function properly, attend work, and even attend college or an educational institute. Remaining clearheaded is definitely one of delta-8’s biggest advantages. One does not need to worry about getting too high and making foolish decisions when one is under the influence of delta-8, because of how easy it is for one to control oneself on it.

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid with a lot of benefits. Like CBD, it is recognized as having numerous health benefits. As more is learned about it, it is likely that more healthcare professionals will advocate for it and recommend its use.

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