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RELEASE: Pam Mason enters running for KC City Council

Former Clay County Presidential Commissioner Pam Mason has announced her candidacy for the Kansas City, MO City Council District 1 At-Large seat. Kansas City District 1 is located north of the Missouri River near Liberty and Gladstone, MO. However, the general seats represent the entire city and will appear on all Kansas City ballots on April 4, 2023.

“Crime and inflation are skyrocketing in our communities,” Mason said. “We need leaders who will fight to put Kansas City back on the path to success, without resorting to insider deals and ethical compromises. People are tired of the ‘politics as usual’ mentality that currently has its grip on City Hall.”

Mason outlined a clear platform for his campaign: to ensure public safety, promote economic development, and give citizens a stronger voice on council. She is a proud supporter of law enforcement and local businesses that have been the target of recent political policies. She aims to bring more input from District 1 residents to the decision-making table.

“Police defunding has caused a surge in violent crime in our city; That’s why the people of Missouri voted overwhelmingly in November to restore funding to the Kansas City Police Department. Small businesses are micromanaged while large corporations and pet projects get special treatment. It’s wrong. Our city has much more to offer than what we are seeing today. It’s time to stop snubbing half of our residents because they live across the river and create a new culture in City Hall that works for everyone.”

A lifelong resident of Kansas City, Mason’s public service record spans many local areas. She is a former chair of the KC Zoological Board and a member of the KC Neighborhood Tourism Development Fund. She taught Sunday school for 38 years. Pam was also a past recipient of the Working for the Public Good prize.

But Mason’s resume doesn’t end there. Professionally, he served as a financial investment officer for 18 years at a local bank, as well as a Clay County employee and eventually president commissioner. He attended North Kansas City High School and went on to study at Maple Woods and William Jewell College. Outside of her career, Mason purposefully strives to spend quality time with her husband, Vic, and their eight adorable grandchildren. You have optimism for the future of Kansas City, provided the right groundwork is done today.

“Kansas City has been a wonderful place for my family to call home. Our sense of citizen pride is known nationwide! I want to channel that community spirit to restore our political climate and ensure that our City Council represents the true interests of our residents. I look forward to meeting voters on the campaign trail and getting to know all the amazing neighbors we have throughout our beautiful city!

Brady Hays is a University of Missouri student and plans to graduate in 2023 with a major in political science and a minor in history. After graduating, he plans to go to law school, although he is still undecided about where to go. He has been with the Missouri Times since the beginning of March 2022.

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