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Royals owner says Kansas City needs new baseball stadium | Florida News

The current stadium is sick with cancer.

Major League Baseball’s spring training season has begun, and as consumers and baseball fans dream of their team making it to the Fall Classic, MLB owners in Kansas City, Anaheim, Oakland, St. Petersburg, possibly Phoenix, Cleveland, and Toronto they’re dreaming of eventually getting a shiny new stadium in the very near future or by 2035 or 2040. In Kansas City, Royals owner John Sherman wants a new downtown stadium. The revamped Kauffman Stadium is no longer up to scratch. The stadium opened on 10 April 1973 and underwent extensive renovations between 2007 and 2009.

“It’s getting tough to keep the K,” Sherman explained in a letter last fall to Royals customers explaining why he would like his Royals to play at a new facility downtown. “A new home would be a far better investment, both for the local taxpayer dollars that already support our facility and the Kansas City community.” According to Sherman’s architecture partner, the Populous of Kansas City, the stadium Royals suffers from ASR or cement cancer. Stadium has 30 years to live if left untreated. Jackson County Sports Complex Authority said stadium is healthy. Since Sherman bought the Royals baseball team in November 2019 , pushed for a new stadium. Sherman said he wants to move his business to a downtown Kansas City location by 2032. Sherman has it all figured out, pretty much. The team will have a stadium somewhere but no word yet where. It should cost $2 billion to build a village stadium in downtown Kansas City, but no one knows who will foot the bill. But Sherman is like many other owners. He just wants a nice, new stadium with lots of revenue-generating gadgets as soon as possible.

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