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Safety Tips for Driving on Snowy/Icy Roads

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – If you’ve been around, then you know that road conditions in Texoma are not the best right now and are expected to get worse on Wednesday, February 1.

Sergeant Charlie Eipper of the Wichita Falls Police Department has some tips for those who have to hit the road.

According to Sergeant Eipper, from when time began on Monday, January 30 until about 11 am Tuesday morning, the department has responded to only 10 incidents, perhaps showing that Wichitani have learned a thing or two in the past year.

“Be prepared on your way out that it will take you a little longer, so leave earlier, half an hour or whatever it is, that way you won’t be in a hurry. And make sure your car is clean and de-ice the windshield and windows so you can see,” Eipper said.

And drive slowly. Eipper said being careless on the road has consequences.

“We hit the ice and overreact, we lock up the brakes or start revving too fast and lose control because we’re not used to driving like this, and then, of course, there’s property damage with your car, and then injury. We don’t want anyone to get hurt out there,” Eipper said.

Eipper said if you have to go out on the road, make sure your car carries a few things that can help you if you get stuck.

“Take a blanket and take an extra phone cord to make sure you can charge your phone and can use it. Just think about the future. You know, some things that you can take with you that will protect you from the elements in case you have to go out and work on the car. A lot of people bring in cat litter to get some traction for their tires,” Eipper said.

Giving you that extra layer of protection should anything happen to you during your journey.

For a complete safety guide for driving under these conditions, click here.

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