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Selling your home “as is” has never looked so good with hometown couple, Archway Homes

The holidays are over and the start of the new year is the perfect time to finally sell an unwanted home. Archway Homes helps sellers who want or need to sell a home without going through the traditional, often lengthy and sometimes painful sales process. Real estate investors Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer, owners of Archway Homes, buy homes in any condition: homes in need of little or no repairs, homes needing repairs to everything from leaky roofs to bad foundations, messy homes or homes in need of a cosmetic update. They strive to make the difficult process of selling a home as stress-free as possible, especially in these challenging times. “We even wrote the book about it. Literally! Home to Home Local Edition – Kansas City Metro outlines steps homeowners can take to sell their home and our experiences with helping people do just that,” Jon said.

The ability to sell quickly, instead of the traditional lengthy home sale process, to an established and reputable company has been the perfect fit for numerous homeowners throughout the Kansas City area. For many homeowners, the Bichelmeyer’s close ties to the community stood out as being very important. A third generation real estate investor with roots in the Kansas City community for over 40 years, Jon’s extensive experience makes all the difference. “I’ve been buying houses, fixing them and selling them to homeowners in the metro area for more than 20 years,” he said.

Ken B. and his wife recently sold a home in Independence on Archway. “We have lived in our house for 28 years. We enjoyed living there and it provided a stable environment for our son to grow up, but he has since graduated and married. I was transitioning into a new career in a new location,” Ken said.

“The house had warts on it and we knew we didn’t want to do the work or invest the money that would have been required to sell in the traditional way. We read about Archway and the great work Jon does, so we met him. He was friendly and kind, yet forthright and honest. Everything went smoothly, it was as painless and effective a process as possible,” he noted. “We were even able to leave some things in the house that we would not have brought with us. it has given a positive start to the next phase of our lives and I would definitely recommend Archway to others.”

Archway has bought homes in all kinds of situations. Sometimes properties need extensive repairs. Archway Homes will purchase the home and make any necessary repairs, relieving the sellers of the hassle and expense. Sellers can even leave out unwanted content, saving you time and money. “We are committed to working with sellers, even in challenging situations, to find a solution for everyone,” Stacy said.

“We had great times, we went through the real estate crash in 2008-2010 and we came out the other side. We plan to work with sellers during these uncertain times and after the world and the economy are back on their feet,” Jon said. own home, but we are using smart technology and every health precaution to help us move through this new normal.”

Archway Homes has a no obligation bidding process. The first step is to call the office at 913-599-5000 to make an appointment. Jon will then walk through the house and can provide an offer price within 24 hours. Archway Homes can pay cash and close in just three days. However, some sellers need the opposite approach, necessitating a closing that is several months late. They may need time to find their next home, or they may be building a house and need time to complete. Coordinating closing schedules in a traditional sale can be challenging. Archway Homes sets a closing date that will accommodate sellers’ needs.

Anyone looking to sell a home for cash quickly should call Jon Bichelmeyer at 913-599-5000 or email him at [email protected]. Or they can visit the Archway Homes website at archwaypropertieskc.com to fill out an online form or to get a free copy of our book Home to Home Local Edition – Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri Metro, call our office.

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Position: 15301 W. 87th St. Parkway, Suite B35 in the UMB Bank Building

Contact: Jon Bichelmeyer at 913-599-5000 or [email protected]

Spider web: archwaypropertiesskc.com

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