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Slippery conditions turn Kansas City area streets into ice rinks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Icy conditions were rife Thursday morning as people headed to work. And as the evening commute increased, there was hope that some of these trouble spots had been ironed out.

The salt trucks had a little more time to hit those slippery spots, but it was still very icy in many areas once the drivers got off the main roads.

Victoria Scruggs of Trimble, Missouri, said when it comes to ice, she doesn’t have a lot of good advice.

“It’s nearly impossible here,” Scruggs said.

“You don’t see too many cars outside. We don’t try to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary,” Scruggs added.

Many of the streets in Clinton County neighborhoods looked more like ice rinks than streets. FOX4 found an abandoned car in a ditch just north of Smithville due to icy conditions.

And Kansas City wasn’t much better. Tire tracks in the mud showed the path of a truck, veering off Interstate 435 and heading toward the freeway’s southern on-ramp.

A traffic camera at Interstate 635 and Interstate 70 showed a semi-switchblade teetering on the edge of a bridge. That incident was resolved without incident.

To the north, another semi-truck was driven back to I-435 by tow trucks near the Woodlawn Avenue exit.

Some school districts, including Kearney and Spring Hill, sent students home early because of the ice.

Scruggs said he’s just getting ready for Friday morning, trying to clear a layer of ice off his car before work. His smooth driveway is another story.

“All I can do is put some salt down,” Scruggs said.

The Kansas City International Airport airport also had to close briefly Thursday morning due to ice. It reopened with that closure that lasted just under an hour.

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