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Smith-Schuster of the Chiefs greets fans at Raising Cane’s

OLATHE, Kan. – Some Kansas City Chiefs spent the day between coming home with the Lombardi Trophy and Wednesday’s Super Bowl Parade, meeting adoring fans.

Some fans waited hours to be served. The line at Raising Cane’s in Olathe wrapped around the building. Chiefs fans and chicken lovers are waiting to meet Juju Smith-Schuster.

“I’m ready to start work,” Smith-Schuster said. “Let’s go get it.”

Smith-Schuster is taking a break from scoring touchdowns and serving food at Raising Cane just two days after the Super Bowl. Telling fans this Super Bowl champion has plans to make it back.

“I want to bring it back to Kansas City, man,” Smith-Schuster said. “I want to go back with the boy. Get the band back together.”

But first it’s time to refuel, extra sauce on this sandwich. She says Raising Canes was her first love, fitting for Valentine’s Day.

Hundreds of fans felt the love when Juju’s head popped out the Drive-thru window.

He handed out food, signed autographs for fans of all ages, and took orders inside.

Kiptyn Cohron couldn’t believe he met his favorite player and had his helmet signed by a world champion.

“It was just amazing,” Cohron said. “As soon as I saw it, I just got emotional.”

“I hope every child, whatever their dreams, whatever their passion, just follow their dreams and I promise you, they will come true,” said Smith-Schuster.

Cohron and his mother arrived in Canes four hours before meeting Juju. Some waited more than six hours.

Brian Cleary said it will be worth every minute if he can meet the world champion.

He and his wife went to the Super Bowl in Arizona and saw Smith-Schuster in action. He said it’s good to see him again in Kansas City, including the entire KC Metro in the Super Bowl win.

“I think it’s great that they’re in the community, giving something back to the fans,” Cleary said.

Now with full hearts and full bellies, these fans and Smith-Schuster have only one thing on their minds, Wednesday’s parade.

Meanwhile, Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco snapped photos with more than 400 fans at Academy Sports and Outdoors in Overland Park. From the seventh pick in the draft to a Super Bowl star, Pacheco has been a whirlwind and is taking it all in.

Pacheco was dancing with some of the fans who lined up around the building to meet him. He has many reasons to celebrate.

The Rookie Chiefs used those moves to carve out 76 yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs Super Bowl win after working their way from the bottom of the depth chart to the top. He achieved the goals he set at the beginning of the year and then some.

“For me, it was helping the team win, taking the field everywhere, and then getting to a Super Bowl,” Pacheco said.

Dozens of fans sported familiar Chiefs number 10s, now with a new name on them. “He looks pretty good as a baller,” Pacheco told Joseph Hurley when he posed for a photo wearing his jersey.

“He’s a power runner, he puts his nose into the tough runner,” the kid said of his running style.

We met fans from all over the country here for the parade and to meet their favorite player. “We live in Orlando now and bought last minute tickets yesterday to come for the show and saw Pacheco was here and wait in line for about 3 hours,” Logan Maginn said.

Pacheco says he is happy to be a role model for children that you can make your dreams come true with the right work ethic and attitude. On Wednesday he is ready to celebrate with the whole city and his companions.

“This team will be different next year, so those moments we cherish together will remain in our memories forever,” said Pacheco.

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