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SNAP Benefits for changing amounts in March

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Beginning in March, SNAP benefits will return to their original amounts for all families.

These changes primarily affect recipients, however food banks will also see an impact. Some people may see their benefits drop by $200 to $20.

“There will be an increase in demand, there are customers out there who are going to be hungry. Individuals, neighbors, children and seniors who are going to go hungry because they don’t have the dollars they had last month, last month, and last quarter to buy food,” David O’, chief executive officer of the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank. Neil said.

These reductions were supposed to happen once the government declares COVID over, however with a new program coming this summer the benefits are being cut now.

“The omnibus appropriations bill that passed in December contained some appropriations for additional money to go to a new summer feeding program, so to pay for these benefits would be reduced,” O’Neal said.

While a new program is coming, the recipients wonder what to do until the program starts.

Pamila Brown, a North Texas Pantry board member, believes the elderly will be hardest hit.

“So people are moving and changing, and I know COVID is over, but we’re still feeling the effects, it’s still there,” Brown said. “I know they have to cut it down, they’re going to have a good summer program, which is great, but what are you doing to feed those kids and seniors from now until then?”

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