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SnapIT founder builds tech company’s mission overseas while growing talent pool in Kansas


Employers around the world need access to tech talent as demand for skilled IT workers increases, said Neelima Parasker, noting that her Overland Park-based company writes solution-critical code.

“What we provide is unique in the sense that we are producing tech talent as fast as possible through microcredentials,” said Parasker, founder and CEO of SnapIT Solutions. “To meet the needs of the industry, many countries are looking to grow their talent rapidly; and they like how [our company] it appeals to a variety of people.”

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Founded in 2015, SnapIT Solutions focuses on building viable products minimally and developing the workforce for programmers and other specialized skills. SnapIT’s workforce development program provides education, resources and training for underrepresented populations, as well as helping them connect with potential employers. SnapIT is accredited in 10 states in the US

Global expansion has been on Parasker’s mind for the past few years, she shared, but her plans were quickly accelerated when the U.S. Department of Commerce approached her in fall 2022 about joining an international trade mission.

“I was contacted by the Washington DC team and they said they had looked at my profile and thought I would be a great candidate for the trade mission,” Parasker recalled. “I was also told that this was the first Women in Tech Trade Mission and that we would be traveling with Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Marisa Lago. … So I applied and had 25 people interviewed. I was thrilled to see that I was accepted.

The Women in Tech Trade mission – organized by the US Trade Service (the trade promotion arm of the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration) – was a week-long mission in early November that carried out in France, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The trade mission was an experience Parasker will never forget, he said, describing the connections he made while overseas.

“There were 12 women-led companies on this trade mission, and each of our companies was marketed to the three countries by the US embassy,” Parasker said. “They called their personal contacts and explained why our company would be a good match. On our own, it would take at least six months to schedule an appointment with these contacts, while we have been able to have one-on-one meetings with numerous potential clients. This was an incredible benefit of this trip.”

The U.S. ambassadors to France, the Netherlands and Portugal also invited Trade Mission participants to meetings at their residences, where an average of 100 of their contacts came to connect with women-led businesses, Parasker added.

“The amount of exposure and support we’ve received can’t be measured,” he noted. “And that went beyond the journey. I am currently in conversation with the Portuguese embassy to elaborate on the details of our next steps there.”

Travel times are being synchronized with SnapIT starting to protect international patients, Parasker teased.

“When I went to SnapIT’s patient business model about two years ago, I had the opportunity to make a worldwide patent application,” he explained. “I have selected most of the continent and countries to pursue, and now we are getting some countries to approve our patent. … I’m glad I did it two years ago: it was a big hit on the budget, but it’s proving to be worth it as we grow globally.

Technology on the rise in rural Kansas

With SnapIT set to grow beyond the United States, Parasker said it will continue to support technology resources and high-paying jobs in the company’s home state of Kansas.

“I am absolutely dedicated to providing as many IT resources as possible across the state of Kansas,” said Parasker, who sits on the KANSASWORKS State Board for Kansas Governor Laura Kelly. “Where we come to the point is that we can’t hire every SnapIT student that we train, so we want companies out there to look into registered apprenticeships.”

Along with SnapIT’s growing state, national and international presence, Parasker recognized the importance of building a skilled team through strategic hiring. Nehemiah Clark is a brand ambassador for SnapIT who uses his social media and reality TV platforms to further the mission of SnapIT Solutions.

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In a registered apprenticeship, SnapIT trains students in various technology programs, and then those students complete an apprenticeship with a partner firm, Parasker explained.

“We’ve partnered with some big companies, so there’s some exciting news this year,” he said. “And we’re always looking for more companies to hire students.”

The other hurdle the SnapIT team is trying to overcome in 2023 is the idea that technology is only for young people and too complicated to learn, Parasker said, noting that most IT jobs don’t require a four-year degree.

“I want to call on those people who are thinking, ‘I want to get into the technology, but is it too cumbersome?'” Parasker said. “We have a 50-year-old student who converted to technology later in his career and is delivering results. He’s not only programming, but he’s bringing his own leadership personality to the company.

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About 99 percent of SnapIT students are able to receive their credentials for free, Parasker said, noting that they cater to students who qualify for workforce scholarships.

“Our apprenticeships are paid, so this is a really good way for people to figure out if technology is a good option for them,” Parasker said. “We are also bringing more women, minorities and people with disabilities to the field. … Technology is the future of most jobs and we want to get as many people on board as possible.

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