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Some Mini Fireball bottles in Wichita Falls are NOT Fireballs

I’ve seen these at several gas stations around Wichita Falls and it turns out if you’ve bought one. You may have been robbed.

I know for a fact that all Stripes locations in Wichita Falls currently have a display set up for these things. It’s like a bucket of Fireballs you can buy, but the bucket is full of mini shots. I haven’t thought about it for the past few weeks, but wait a minute. How the hell does a gas station in Texas sell liquor. Texas has some of the strictest alcohol laws in the country.

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If you want some Fireball, go to a liquor store and that’s your only option. Right? Well, it turns out that if you bought one of these mini bottles at a gas station, you’ve been scammed. At least, I would feel like I was scammed. Thinking you bought a mini shot of Fireball, right? It turns out those mini bottles at gas stations don’t contain whiskey.

If you read the fine print it is described as a “whiskey flavored malt drink”. Oh yeah, that’s what I want when I drink whiskey. The taste of it and not the high alcohol content. If this was labeled as a generic cinnamon name, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. People think about buying Fireball and are now suing the company.

The lawsuit accuses the company of intentionally misleading customers into believing they are buying small bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. According to court documents, the actor expects any statutory and punitive damages to exceed $5 million.

I know some lawsuits are stupid, like when people are suing Red Bull for saying “it gives you wings,” when it physically doesn’t give you wings. Marketing something in a mini liquor bottle and calling it Fireball seems very deceptive if it’s not Fireball in the bottle. Hopefully, the people who filed the lawsuit win the case.

If the mini bottle says cinnamon only and not cinnamon whiskey, don’t buy. Unless you want a “whiskey-flavored malt drink.”

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