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Spirit AeroSystems signs a 10-year contract with Center Industries

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Spirit AeroSystems has signed a 10-year contract with Center Industries.

“A 10-year contract is not normal and we don’t take it lightly,” said Alan Young, Senior Vice President of Fabrication and Chief Procurement Officer at Spirit AeroSystems. “Center Industries’ performance helped make this decision easy.”

According to Spirit AeroSystems, 75 percent of Center Industries’ workforce has a documented disability.

Young says Center Industries will build and assemble the window belt for the 737 MAX right here in Wichita.

“The window belt is a big part and there are logistical challenges moving it, so having it in Wichita is a big plus for us,” said Young.

Young says the quality of work Center Industries produces is fantastic.

“Center Industries is a local supplier and a well-regarded supplier,” said Young. “Their quality is top-notch, their on-time delivery is top-notch, they’re competitive, and most importantly, they’re very nimble with the customer, which is us.”

Young says Center Industries built its first window belt in 1982.

“We know them pretty well,” Young said. “A very good reputation which they have maintained throughout.”

Central Industries currently has open positions. For more information click here. Spirit AeroSystems is also hiring. To apply, click here.

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