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STATEHOUSE: Weekly Vote Tracking Report from the League of Women Voters

Our League of Women’s Vote Tracking Committee tracks bills and votes in the Kansas Legislature on the following topics: abortion, civil rights, climate change, children, government, gun legislation, education, LGBTQ issues, expansion of Medicaid, school issues, taxes, vetoes, voting rights and water issues.

In the week of February 13-17, the following bills in these categories were voted on and the votes of local lawmakers are shown:

SB 73, adding home battery and violating a protective order to the list of crimes a person intends to commit. Senator Longbine voted Yes.

HB 2021, relating to the assessment of risks and needs for some children in need of care; allowing extensions to the overall case length limit for some juvenile offenders. Rep. Droge, Schreiber and E. Smith voted Yes.

HB 2060, establishing the Special Education and Related Services Funding Task Force. Rep. Droge, Schreiber and E. Smith voted Yes.

HCR 5004, a concurrent resolution urging the United States Congress to fully fund the federal government’s original funding pledge under the Education of Individuals with Disabilities Act. Rep. Droge, Schreiber and E. Smith voted Yes.

HB 2314 would ban employees of state agencies from installing and accessing a social media platform of concern, an application or website owned or controlled by TikTok, on state-owned devices and networks. Rep. Droge, Schreiber and E. Smith voted Yes.

HB 2262 would allow an individual to complete six months of an embalmer’s apprenticeship before enrolling in a mortuary science school. Rep. Droge, Schreiber and E. Smith voted Yes.

SB 116 would standardize firearm safety education training programs in school districts. Senator Longbine voted Yes.

Several proposals of interest are advancing through the commissions. On Thursday of last week, the Kansas House Water Committee approved HB 2302, which will establish funding for the state’s water plan and water infrastructure projects.

Among the election bills with hearings next week are SB 208, which would limit the number of remote ballot boxes that can be used in each county and require certain monitoring conditions, and SB 209, which requires all advance ballots to be returned by 7.00pm on Election Day .

Other election bills under consideration by the Legislature are HB 2056, which would require ballots to be returned by mail by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, and HB 2057, which governs the use of remote ballot boxes.

Friday, Feb. 24, is the turnaround deadline when most bills that haven’t passed in either the House or Senate will be lapses for the year.

More information about bills can be found on the Kansas Legislature website:

Prepared by League of Women Voters of Emporia members Bob Grover, Doug McGaw, Mary McGaw and Gail Milton.

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