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Sydney School Board nominates finalists for Superintendent

The Sydney school board met twice recently, in a business session on January 11 and in a special meeting on January 19, with the agenda for the selection process for current superintendent Jay Ehler’s successor, who recently announced his retirement.

Shari Becker, research service director for the Nebraska Association of School Boards (NASB), met with the board, via Zoom, at each of the meetings. In the working session, Becker detailed the leadership profile of the superintendent position and outlined the interview process, timeline, and potential interview questions. During the extraordinary meeting, Becker presented eight candidates for the position to the board.

After advancing to closed session to discuss the nominees, the Board reconvened in public session and Board Chairman Mike Palmer announced the finalists: Andrew Farber, Superintendent-Louisville Public Schools, Mark Joliffe, Principal-Wichita West High School, Dr. Wendy Kemling-Horner , executive director of student services Scottsbluff Public Schools, Chris Lecher, superintendent of Franklin Public Schools and Brandon Ross, principal of Sydney Public Schools. The Board also finalized the interview schedule and interview questions for candidates.

The interview was to be held during the extraordinary meetings of the school council, on Tuesday 24 January and Wednesday 25 January, with the target date being Thursday 26 January, for the selection of the chosen candidate and the job offer. Any contract, then, would be verified on 13 February, in the ordinary meeting of the school council.

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