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The 3 main differences between using bongs and using vape pens!

Vape Pens are a discrete, easy-to-use, engineer friendly and small method that makes it easy for beginners and advanced users to ingest cannabis. If you are new to smoking, using vape pens is a great introduction to the cannabis world. Furthermore, vape pens are transportable, meaning you can carry these with you anywhere in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Along With the user-friendliness and ease of use of this apparatus, vape pens have customizable features that let you personalize your smoking experience. However, other cannabis consumption methods provide bigger hits, more intense flavor, and more complicated smoking methods. 

Learn more about the comparison of vape pens vs. another popular method that is commonly used in the smoking world. 

3 main differences between bong vs. vape pens 

If you are an advanced user who is looking to shake things up a bit when it comes to smoking cannabis, you might want to get off the vape pen train. Instead of using this compact and portable method, you might be looking for a more intense high, intense flavors, and a more powerful hit. In this case, bongs could be your best bet.

More powerful high

One of the main differences between bongs and vape pens is the high produced by each apparatus. Vape pens can provide a very mellow high since you can pull in as little or as much as you want during your smoking secession. Furthermore, they are typically used throughout the day for consistent use while still going about your daily life. On the contrary, bongs are usually used for big hits only, producing a more powerful high that is instant, long-lasting, and powerful.

Intense flavor

Along with an intense high, bongs provide a more intense flavor. Vape pens have a sweet smell and taste good, but bongs really capture the entire aroma of the flower and put it all into one hit. If you want an intense flavor that does not taste like smoke, you should use a bong for the most intense smoking experience bongs cryptically have a stronger flavor and high when it comes to all smoking methods.

Complicated nature of use

The third difference between bongs and vape pens is the method of use. Vape pens are easy – all you do is insert the cartridge, charge the pen, and off you go. For bongs, you need a little more work – but they often pay off in the long run! If you don’t want to spend a few minutes getting your apparatus ready, it will only take you less than 5 minutes when you get used to the process!


Bongs and vape pens are two different smoking methods that are beneficial to either beginner users or advanced smoking users. Those who want intense flavors and intense highs should consider using bongs to get a flavorful and powerful hit that is long-lasting for many hours. If you would rather have something that you can take on all day long and not have it affect your mental state drastically, you can start with using vape pens before you move onto the more advanced bongs.

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