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The 6 Most Common Types Of Car Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Accidents happen all the time. Car accidents are unpleasant experiences that no one wants to have. Many individuals are unaware, however, that certain types of automobile accidents occur more frequently than others. When they do, you may be faced with auto repairs, injuries, and significant hikes in your insurance price. We will look at the six most frequent accidents, the damage they do, and how to prevent them in the first place in this article.

1. Rear-End Collisions

One of the most common types of accidents.  These incidents may frequently be prevented, whether you are the one who hits a car in front of you or the motorist who is hit by a vehicle behind you. The first step in avoiding an accident like this is to maintain a safe distance. Be at a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you before stopping, and if you’re in a larger vehicle, the distance should be even longer.

2. Parking Damage

Another typical source of car damage is when a parked vehicle is struck by another vehicle. Take precautions to avoid parked automobile crashes and claims, whether you’re leaving the car in a parking lot or on the road. Parking in the busiest portion of a parking lot is not a good idea. Instead, choose a location away from congested areas. You’ll lessen your chances of being hit by another vehicle. 

Keep your automobile in a garage if at all possible. When you’re not driving your automobile, the aim is to park it somewhere safe. Always park in the middle of a parking space. If your car is too close to a parking line, move it. It will protect your vehicle from being struck by other vehicles coming into or out of neighboring spaces.

3. Hit and Run

A hit-and-run occurs when at least one party engaged in a collision flees without offering assistance, providing adequate information to the other motorist, or reporting the accident to the police. This might happen with a pedestrian, an automobile, or an object. Leaving the site of an accident, whether you are at fault or not, is illegal in most states. 

It might be a misdemeanor or perhaps a crime, depending on the circumstances. Our suggestion would always be to contact the Albuquerque hit-and-run car accident lawyer for this type of accident. You will get the most professional help you need when going through legal processes following an accident.

4. Single-Vehicle Accidents

Collisions with road obstacles, debris, or animals, as well as rollovers and accidents when going off-road, are all examples of single-vehicle accidents, however, it’s quite simple to help with their prevention. On a wet, snowy, or slippery day, drive at a speed that allows you to keep control, even if you are the only car on the road. Before the season comes, brush up on your winter driving abilities. Additionally, you should always be aware of your surroundings and avoid driving too quickly.

5. Crashes at Intersections

Intersections are another common location for accidents. Drivers who are distracted are more likely to miss traffic lights that change or fail to observe vehicles stopping before turning.

To help avoid accidents, practice defensive driving. After the light turns green, take a minute to double-check that no one is approaching the junction. Drivers driving past a yellow signal on a cross street should be avoided. It’s preferable to be cautious than to take that risk when nearing a yellow light.

6. Parked Car Theft

There is always the risk of a break-in regardless of where you park your automobile. Even so, there are several things you can do to assist protect your car from unneeded harm. Remember that goods stolen from your car may be considered a loss under the homeowner’s insurance policy. Damage to your car as a result of a break-in is covered under your car insurance policy. 

Never leave valuables in a locked car to avoid this. They are an invitation to predators if they are visible. Take valuables with you, stow them in the glove box, or lock them up in the trunk. Also, never park in a dark area. Rather, look for places in well-lit locations. If you’re going to park before sunset, plan beforehand.

When you are involved in a car accident, the safety of everyone takes first place. However, it is critical to remain calm and document whatever you can. This will help you save time and worry in the future. You should also know when to call a lawyer. He will defend your rights and represent you in court during any following insurance claims. 

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