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The Black-Owned Business offers all-inclusive artwork, clothing, shoes and more.

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Located in Big Blue, on the 10th floor, when you turn left down the hall you will come across this inviting door.

“These are some of our custom artworks, we also do commissioned work.”

EJ Johnson is the owner and creator of the Da’Maab Sauce Shop design

“We have some village clothes here too,” Johnson.

After studying music for 20 years in Dallas, Johnson knew his passion for the art was his true calling when he and his wife moved to Wichita Falls.

“When I got back to art, I already had a vinyl machine and I started merchandising, I started making t-shirts, and it went from t-shirts to jackets, just trying to expand and broaden my horizons, and it just turned into something that brought me peace and serenity,” Johnson said.

Johnson says his art is inspired by the things he loved as a child and his own ethnic background, but he also challenges himself as an artist to provide inclusive products for all.

“Just so people can have their own identity, I know some people might like brown-? some people might like horror, like Stephen King, I try not to keep it one-sided, just a wide variety, some people might gravitate to one jacket, some people might gravitate to the next,” Johnson said.

Regardless of the variety of products the store offers, Johnson wants everyone to know that every piece they make is a piece of history, something that as a Black-owned company is important to share.

“This city needs some diversity, and I feel we bring it, it just inspires others. We may have ways in this city, but like I said, when people see you, a lot of people feel more comfortable.” in your skin to do well on your own, to be motivated, to get encouragement, to step outside the box, to think outside the box,” Johnson said.

Encouraging others to think outside the box through artwork and clothing.

Johnson says his business will be promoting his products at events in the coming weeks, to find out when you can stop by and see it all, click here.

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