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The Blazer bowling teams are on fire


Derek Wilson

What a week the Blazer Bowling schedule had to kick off the season. We headed to the Royal Crest in Lawrence on Wednesday and came out on fire. The Varsity boys finished with a staggering streak score of 2620, 259 pins above second place. A team effort like the one at Regionals would most likely take us to State as a team. Ryan Rogers had the third-highest series mark ever in school history with a 728, with Cole Darby and Evan Slife finishing in the top 5 individually with a 652 and 611. The JV boys had many players in competition in their first meeting and they finished 2nd as a team. Gaven Bright took home first place as an individual with a 518. As for the girls, Myranda Rogers had the second highest streak in school history (she already owns the highest) with a 677 and had 2 games that are 2 of the top 5 scores in the history of the program. Isabella Rankin also had a fantastic day as she took 4th place individually with a series score of 488. The women’s team finished 2nd by just 3 pins early in the season.

We were in our back alley in Olathe at the Mission Bowl on Thursday. Even though we’ve cooled off from the day before, it was a great team effort across the board that really showed the depth of our program this year. The boys scored a team total of 2313 which was still good enough to win the match and start the season 2-0. Ryan Rogers and Kadin Feuerborn finished in 3rd as individuals with a streak score of 576 and Zach Gunby finished 5th with a 567. The JV boys finished 2nd for the second day in a row with a streak of team score of 1670. Gaven Bright finished 3rd as an individual with a 462. The college girls had their first bowling win of the season with a team score of 1664. Myranda Rogers finished second with a 564 and Isabella Rankin she finished third individually with a 432. Again, while we didn’t have a good run of individual performances, this matchup showed why we’re a real statewide threat.

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