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The Camp Fire candy sale begins

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Camp Fire North Texas is an active non-profit organization that has been serving Wichita Falls and North Texas since 1915. It’s time for their biggest fundraiser of the year, Camp Fire Candy Sale.

This fundraiser allows them to have programs for their youth.

Not only is it their biggest fundraiser, but Camp Fire North Texas says it gives their children a great opportunity to learn life skills at a young age.

They have kids from kindergarten through middle school going around town selling candy. It gives them the ability to be relatable, learn math skills working with money, and much more. With all the money they raise, he allows Camp Fire North Texas to create programs to help children after school.

“If we don’t have the community and the donations, we can’t open the doors,” said Erica Mundt, executive director of Camp Fire North Texas in Wichita Falls. “These kids need an after-school program. Statistically, after-school programs help engage these kids and empower them.”

She adds that it also helps kids with creativity, gives them confidence, and most develop life skills earlier than their peers who aren’t involved in their schedules.

The Camp Fire Candy Sale will continue through February 19, and you can purchase candy in small quantities or in bulk at their building on 9th Street, online, or around town where they will be set up in different locations each day.

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