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The Christian movement spends 1 billion dollars to spread the Gospel

A Christian movement will spend $1 billion to spread the Lord’s message to the lost.

It takes us

The “He Gets Us” campaign has reached unbelievers over the past 10 months through its ads on billboards, YouTube and TV screens. It is a Christian movement that aims to “reintroduce people to the Jesus of the Bible and his confusing love and forgiveness.” The Servant Foundation, a non-profit organization in Overland Park, Kansas, is organizing the campaign.

Christian families and entrepreneurs are financing the campaign. One donor is David Green, the co-founder of Hobby Lobby. In an interview in November 2022, David said that his family and other families will help spread the word about Jesus. He also announced that the “He Gets Us” advertising campaign will soon be seen in the Super Bowl.

“You’ll see it at the Super Bowl — ‘It catches us,'” David said. “We mean – being a lot of people – it gets to us. He understands us. He loves who we hate. I think we need to let the public know and create a movement.”

It takes us [@hegetsus]. Photo from the advertising campaign. Instagram, April 16, 2023,

$1 billion

In addition, more than 20,000 churches have signed up to volunteer for the campaign. These churches will be responsible for following up on anyone who sees the ads and sharing more gospel with them. One of his recent announcements aired during the NFL playoffs. The ad tells the story of an innocent man who is executed.

“Jesus rejected resentment on the cross,” the ad says. “He takes us. All of us.”

Publishing such ads will cost a lot, however, the organization and its donors are willing to donate their wealth to bless others. The organizers are willing to invest $1 billion over the next few years to bring more people to Christ.

“The goal is to invest about $1 billion over the next three years,” said Jason Vanderground, president of a Michigan branding firm and campaign contributor. “And this is just the first stage.”

Sharing the gospel

Just as the people behind this movement are doing their best to share the gospel, we too are called to share it in our own way. It may not be as grand as a Super Bowl commercial, but your effort to share the gospel with even one person has been seen by God. Let’s not stop participating in our great task of winning souls and making disciples for Jesus Christ.


Reference: Word&WayHeader Image: He Gets Us [@hegetsus]. Photo from the advertising campaign. Instagram, April 16, 2023,

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