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The eighth annual Waldo Week showcases the Kansas City neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The eighth annual Waldo Week will run until February 28 of this year.

The time has come for Kansas City neighborhood businesses to showcase their diverse restaurants and unique retail stores with the community.

Local shops have said that business is booming thanks to a certain team in the league.

“January and February are traditionally low months for us,” said Eclectic’s Gift Gallery member Lauri Davidson.

But not this year. Davidson said he has actually seen business increase thanks to the Chiefs’ winning season.

“You know the community supports the leaders, but in return the leaders support the community,” Davidson said.

Eclectic’s Gift Gallery has been located on 75th Street in Waldo for more than 30 years, but Davidson says this season’s excitement has brought in more business and new customers.

“Even if you’re not a football fan, when you pass my window out here, you stop and look because there’s Chiefs stuff in there,” Davidson said.

A few blocks away are three popular restaurants experiencing the same business boom as Chiefs.

“Yeah, we had a big crowd for dinner after the parade, I think they just all piled up, so that was nice,” said Summit Grill’s culinary director Conrad Barbera.

He says all three of their restaurants (Boru, South of the Summit and Summit Grill) are participating in Waldo Week to keep local business support alive.

“Many favorites though, we have our sausage and bacon biscuit, biscuit and gravy, frittata, all good stuff,” said Barbera.

If you mention Waldo Week in one of the three restaurants, you will get a 15% discount on the bill.

Eclectic’s also offers special gift cards for their customers.

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