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The Kansas City clothing brand is loved by Chiefs players

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City apparel brand is getting some love from the Kansas City Chiefs.

The owner told FOX4 that all the hard work and sleepless nights are worth getting the projects done.

“This right here is actually the new Travis Kelce jersey that we made that Mecole Hardman wore to the AFC Championship game,” Aphiliated Apparel owner Charles Williams said Tuesday as he pointed to a graphic tee.

What started as a fraternity project for Williams 5 years ago quickly turned into his passion. Last year, Williams decided to introduce new designs aimed at Chiefs fans.

“I actually started making Chiefs shirts a year ago. It was actually after the Chiefs played the Chargers and Travis Kelce had a great game,” he said.

What she didn’t know was that the person who wore their first tee would soon be wearing one of the graphic tees. Kelce sported one of Williams’ tees on the New Heights podcast about a month ago.

But it was even better on Sunday. Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman wore his new design during the AFC Championship game warmup.

“All the long sleepless nights I’ve spent trying to develop a plan and develop a brand that someone will actually recognize and want to be a part of, just shows that everyone supports and loves what I’m trying to accomplish,” Williams said.

Brian Roberts, owner of The Black Pantry, a local business that focuses on highlighting the black brands of KC and beyond, knew how special Williams was.

“He has the entrepreneurial spirit. She saw an opportunity and a gap, and she took advantage of it,” Roberts said. “When you do something on a high level, she’s going to get people’s attention. And she not only did it to a high standard, but she did it at the perfect time.

Williams said his next project will be a shirt with Andy Reid’s face on it.

He said the best way to keep up with the latest shirts is on the company’s Instagram page or check out their website.

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