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The mayor of Cincinnati was talking about Travis Kelce for insulting their famous chili

Just a joke

Dear Star Editorial Board: Please do not take yourself or a simple sports spat too seriously. No paternity test for Patrick Mahomes is really necessary. The Cincinnati mayor was being cocky by saying Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow might be Mahomes’ father — and he’s taken up Travis Kelce reruns in sporting form. (Jan. 31, 7A, “Cincinnati Mayor Owes Mahomes Big Apology”)

Remember, Kelce — who played prom at Cincy — lambasted the town’s famous chili. This is a heritage food. She imagines if Kansas City soccer fans had to snatch a treasured pot from a country at the 2026 World Cup before the players arrive in town. Damn. This would require a real apology.

-Jason Michael Franchuk Carbondale, Illinois

Childish provocation

I find it amazing that Whoopi Goldberg is so childish and disrespectful on the talk show ‘The View’. In recent years, she has referred to Donald Trump as “You know who.” Goldberg is filled with such contempt for Trump that she refuses to call his name.

Imagine if someone else on “The View” referred to Barack Obama as “What’s His Name.” There would be an immediate outcry of racism and extreme rudeness. He should call President Joe Biden, who always hides from reporters’ questions, “That guy in the White House.”

Since Goldberg is a comedian, perhaps he’s paying homage and reenacting Abbott and Costello’s famous routine. He just imagines her saying, “I can’t stand ‘You Know Who’ but I sure love ‘What’s His Name’ and I will definitely be voting for ‘That Guy in the White House’ in 2024.”

-Steve Shaw Kansas City

The right thing

To Congressmen from Missouri:

As a citizen, voter, and taxpayer, I want you to call for Representative “George Santos” to resign. I use quotes because I’m not at all sure of his real name.

I am deeply disappointed that you have not already acted of your own free will. I don’t like what your inaction about your priorities suggests. Your call must be loud, clear, unmistakable and repeated until it is uprooted and thrown onto the street.

It’s about integrity. He is a complete embarrassment to our nation, Congress and the voters he has led to vote for him. We don’t need crooks in Congress. We have enough “characters”. Now we need people with character to stand up and be adults. We need and want smart, honest, forthright people to do people’s business.

Do the right thing. Calling for the resignation of “George Santos”. The longer you refuse to act, the less character you show.

I will thank you if and when you take action.

– William D. Grotts Kansas City

Stay safe

For Chiefs fans booking their trip to Arizona for the big game, hotel rooms are reportedly sold out. Thankfully, local Airbnb hosts are expanding accommodation capacity, offering affordable options in and around Phoenix.

Chiefs fans who book through our platform have access to our AirCover protections, which are free to all guests and cover every booking made on our platform, and should contact us if they need any assistance. We are establishing a support team to handle any customer issues in the Phoenix area only.

During big events, bad actors often try to take advantage of people looking for bargains by exploiting the brands of reputable platforms such as Airbnb. Beware of third-party scams where fake websites intended to look like Airbnb are used to trick consumers into transferring money.

Chiefs fans can stay clear of these third-party scams and protect their payments and personal information by staying on the Airbnb platform through the entire process, from reporting to booking and paying. Airbnb will never ask guests to pay except on the Airbnb platform. When searching for listings, travelers should always start directly on Airbnb.com or the Airbnb app.

Please enjoy Arizona and stay safe.

– Naba Banerjee Trust Director of Airbnb, San Francisco

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